Initiation by Living Teachers and Meditation in the History of the West

Living Teachers Initiating Souls Into “the Mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens” (Google the “Secret Gospel of Mark”) Revealing the Esoteric Secrets of Meditation Practice are not new Concepts in the Western World.


Living Teachers initiating souls into “the Mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens” revealing the esoteric secrets of meditation practice are not new concepts in the Western world. These have been with us the entire time.

Take this rather Hindu-sounding passage in an extra-canonical scripture composed 2,000 years ago known as the Acts of Peter for example: “Give ear; withdraw your souls from all that appears but is not truly real; close these eyes if yours, close your ears, withdraw from actions that are outwardly seen; and you shall know the reality of Christ and the whole secret of your salvation.” (The Other Bible, Willis Barnstone, Harper Collins)

Meditation in the Hebrew Bible: “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

Also see, Kabbalah and Sant Mat Mysticism: “Excerpts from The Holy Name”, by Miriam Caravella:

Initiation by A Living Master

“The Master shall teach the saints to live according to the book of the Community Rule, that they may seek God with a whole heart and soul….” (Dead Sea Scrolls: The Manual of Discipline)

“When I arrived, I opened a path and taught people about the Way of Passage for those who are chosen and solitary, who have known the Father and have pursued Truth.” (Yeshua, Gnostic Gospel found in Egypt known as “Dialogue of the Savior”)

“Further it is meant that those who purify should bestow upon others from their abundance of purity their own holiness: those who illuminate, as possessing more luminous intelligence, duly receiving and again shedding forth the light, and joyously filled with holy brightness, should impart their own overflowing light to those worthy of it; finally, those who make perfect, being skilled in the mystical participations, should lead to that consummation those who are perfected by the most holy initiation of the knowledge of holy things which they have contemplated.” (The Celestial Hierarchy, by Dionysius the Areopagite)

“What your own eyes cannot see, your human ears do not hear, your physical hands cannot feel, and what is inconceivable to the human
mind — that I will give you!” (The Gospel of Thomas — Wisdom of the
Twin, Lynn Bauman, White Cloud Press)


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