Gratitude For Divine Grace, also, A Collection of Syriac and Gospel of Thomas Podcasts


Gratitude For Divine Grace, also, A Collection of Syriac and Gospel of Thomas Podcasts

“When evening comes, collect your thoughts and ponder over the entire course of the day: observe God’s provincial care for you, consider the grace which he has wrought in you throughout the whole span of the day; consider the rising of the moon, the joy of daylight, all the hours and moments, the divisions of time, the sight of different colors, the beautiful adornment of creation, the course of the sun, the growth of your own stature, how your own person has been protected; consider the blowing of the winds, the ripe and varied fruits, how the elements minister to your comfort, how you have been preserved from accidents, and all of the other activities of grace. When you have pondered on all this, wonder at God’s love towards you will spring up within you, and gratitude for his acts of grace will bubble up inside you.” (John the Solitary, Moran Etho: Spirituality in the Syriac Tradition, by Sebastian P. Brock)


Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcasts @ Youtube on the Syriac Mystics, Gospel of Thomas, Odes of Solomon and Acts of Thomas, Favorites of the Syriac East


The Syriac Mystics of Eastern Christianity:


Receiving Inner Guidance in the Silence of Meditation:


Lost Psalms of The New Testament Discovered: The Odes of Solomon:


The Spiritual Message of the Gospel of Thomas and the Syriac Mystics:


The Gospel of Thomas as a Kind of ‘Second Coming’ of Christ, “Thomsonian” Sayings of Jesus Quoted in Other Ancient Texts:



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Light and Sound On The Path: Sant Mat Fellowship: Happy New Year 2021!



Light and Sound On The Path: Sant Mat Fellowship: Happy New Year 2021!

“Go on regularly with your [meditation] practice, keeping your mind and senses undisturbed as far as possible; and trust in the mercy of the Supreme Father to grant you strength gradually as you advance. You will progress inward daily.


“Merciful Radhasoami [The Lord of the Soul] was also pleased to declare that whenever anybody is initiated into the Surat Shabd Marga, his contact is immediately established with Sat Purusha Radhasoami. Hence, Sat Purusha Merciful Radhasoami would continue to shower his grace on everyone who would sincerely perform the practices to some extent with feelings of love and would not indulge in the evil tendencies of his mind as far as possible, i.e. He would gradually make the mind and the spirit of such a devotee ascend higher and higher internally and would protect him from the obstacles put by Maya and Kal.


“The morning time will be the best for you to practice Bhajan [meditation upon the Sound Current].


“Go on with your practice as much as you can and the Supreme Father, through His mercy, will gradually help you in the purification of the mind; and the devotional practice will then become easy and pleasant; but this cannot be accomplished soon and therefore patience and trust should be adhered to.


“If you remember the Supreme Father by practising devotion and by sometimes repeating the Holy Name you will find that Grace won’t forsake you, but on the other hand will always extend its protection to you in all matters.” (Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur)


Satsang Podcast: Light on the Teachings of the Lord of the Soul (Radhasoami Mat Prakash by Huzur Maharaj)

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What About Those Who Get Re-Initiated, Who Have Associated With More-Than-One Spiritual Master? At a forum online I belong to someone was asking who their spiritual master is if they have been initiated more than once, have associated with more than one guru, which can happen on this Path of the Masters. This podcast contains my reply to that question. @ Youtube:  


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“Yeshua said, ‘Whoever is near me is near the fire, and whoever is far from me is far from the kingdom.'” (Gospel of Thomas, Saying 82)

Requirements for Initiation in Sant Mat: Inner Light and Sound Meditation (Surat Shabd Yoga) @ Youtube:

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The focus of the bhakti Saints of India (Santmat, RadhaSoami, The Path of the Masters) is not on constructing earthly temples, building organizational structures, or temples of the mind. Rather, they guide their students into entering the Temple of the Spirit. The Portal or Doorway to this Temple is within, at the Third Eye Center. Masters say: “An intense longing to meet the Supreme Lord during one’s lifetime is the first and foremost qualification for Initiation. ‘Seek, and ye shall find’, is the principle'”. Being properly initiated into the secrets of meditation — the Mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens (deeksha/diksha) — by a living Master is the beginning of the Inward Journey. Then, go and do the meditation.


The Origins of Sant Mat, the Five Names, and the Identity of Tulsi Sahib’s Guru (Update) — Sant Mat Satsang Podcast @ Youtube:

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Video: Mystic Verses of Tulsi Sahib, Saint of Hathras, Part One:

Video: Mystic Verses of Tulsi Sahib, Saint of Hathras, Part Two:


1부-신비주의 시: 하트라스의 성자 툴시 사히브 Mystic Verses of Tulsi Sahib (vegetarian), Saint of Hathras – Satsang


“Keep on repeating the Lord’s Name continuously in the proper way as explained by the Guru with love and faith, says Tulsidas. Good fortune shall be yours today, tomorrow and forever.” (Sant Tulsi Das)



“Soul is a conscious entity, a drop of the Ocean of All Consciousness, and in its miniature capacity carries all the divine attributes of Godhood. Since it is environed by mind and matter, it has lost its heritage and forgotten its origin, the True Home of the Father. The Masters come to our help, to awaken us from this long slumber of ignorance.”  (Kirpal Singh)

“We should do a lot of Simran and Bhajan, and we should also do Simran in other times when we are free. And, with this, we should try to rise as fast as possible to the Tenth Door. By doing Simran and by doing devotion we will get the Grace of the Master.


“Therefore, Nanak Ji in this bhajan* has said, “This whole world and all that we see is an illusion… We should move our attention and our love and devotion from here, and take it to the Feet of the Masters.” We should make the most of this priceless time and opportunity that has been given to us.


“So, morning time is good for us. We have woken up. The mind is fresh. So, we should use and make the most of this time and do our Simran and Dhyan. So let us close our eyes and sit for meditation.” (Baba Ram Singh)


A note about “God” in Santmat, by James Bean

 I kinda like the old-timey Greek description of “The One”. It refers to a Supreme Being but socially distances from those Greek gods and goddesses of mythology that represent the anthropomorphizing of various powers of nature, or a bearded god sitting on a throne presiding over some tribe somewhere. The One is I think a better way of conceiving of a Supreme Being, and in this approach souls represent shards or sparks or drops from The One according to the various schools of mysticism: Kabbalah, Sufism, Gnosticism, and the living school of mysticism called Sant Mat. The theological term for devotion to the Formless God in the east is Nirguna Bhakti, a belief which isn’t so far from the Buddhist concept of Nirvana, a Divine State above the material plane that is timeless. So a bit like Einstein’s God of Spinoza. But beyond merely a collection of natural laws working in the universe, The One or the State of Nirvana is not so cold, distant and mechanical, but is really a unified state of Consciousness behind-beyond-but-also-within the cosmos. I prefer most of all the term Anurag Sagar, meaning Ocean of Love, as the most accurate characterization (and as experienced by meditators), and is a much warmer description than that of Spinoza’s god or the god of the Deists (as in Deism).



“The whole creation is sustained by God who is not a distant Deity but closer is He than anything else.”  (Kirpal Singh)



A podcast listener asked me: “Is there anything God can not do?” My reply: I would say the thing that God can not do, or does not wish to do, is not violate the free will of souls. All have the power to choose in every plane of creation, even in the heavenly realms. All souls are free to choose their degree of oneness/closeness/nearness or distance from God. Even in the higher levels of Sach Khand, souls may remain separate spirit-entities  (Sat Lok), or try out merging into God temporarily (Alakh Lok) and then revert back again to an individualized state, if they wish. There is freedom to choose, even at that level. Love allows.

Kabir says: The only woman awake is the woman who has heard the flute!


“O friend, awake, and sleep no

more! The night is over and gone,

would you lose your day also?

Others, who have wakened,

have received jewels;

O foolish woman! you have

lost all whilst you slept.

Your lover is wise, and you are

foolish, O woman!

You never prepared the bed of

your husband:

O mad one! you passed your

time in silly play. Your youth was passed in

vain, for you did not know

your Lord;

Wake, wake! See! your bed is

empty: He left you in the


Kabir says: “Only she wakes,

whose heart is pierced with

the arrow of His music.”

— Kabir, Songs of Kabir, Tagore


“What wonders has your love effected!

When someone is still alive

he has left this world:

though his bodily condition remains

with the world’s bodily condition,

yet his spirit has been raised up towards You,

so that for a period of time

he is where he knows not,

being totally raptured and drawn towards You.”


– John of Apamea, Prayers of the Mystics section, 

The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life, 

translated from Syriac Aramaic into English by Sebastian Brock


“May every bodily image

be wiped away from my mind’s eye,

and may you alone

be depicted before the eye of my mind.

And now, when your Spirit descends from heaven

upon your Mysteries,

may I ascend in spirit from earth to heaven.

At this time

when your power is mingled in with the bread,

may my life be commingled

with your spiritual life.” 

– Joseph the Visionary on the contemplative life,

Prayers of the Mystics section, 

The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life, 

translated from Syriac Aramaic into English by Sebastian Brock


Sant Tulsi Sahib and the People of the Anurag Sagar (Lineage of Sant Satgurus)


Sant Tulsi Sahib and the People of the Anurag Sagar (Lineage of Sant Satgurus)

Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras is the founding guru (Adi Guru) of modern-day Sant Mat, with most all Sant Mat and Radhasoami lineages tracing back to him. My podcasts, earlier booklet, and various blogs have focused on finding out who his guru was, and from there getting a glimpse of the overall Sant Mat family tree, the lineage of this Path of the Masters (Inner Light and Sound Meditation) dating back many centuries. I trace that spiritual heritage back to Dariya Sahib of Bihar, his guru Sat Saheb. Sat Saheb connects back to the gurus in the Sant Dharam Das lineage, a mystical branch of the Path of Guru Kabir.

Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar (left), Sant Tulsi Sahb and Kabir (right)

An important text for all of these is, The Anurag Sagar, a kind of Gospel of Kabir. This is an important book for followers of Sant Mat to read and study. It’s a free online book one can access at and a few other places. See, the Anurag Sagar Studies Page, where you can read the Anurag Sagar online at Sant Mat Radhasoami Books, The E Library: Anurag Sagar Section:

“‘Hazur [Baba Sawan Singh] one day told Seth Vasdev, whose car is always at Hazur’s disposal, that he should read Kabir Sahib’s Anurag Sagar (The Ocean of Intense Love). Hazur said that without studying it, one cannot fully understand the difference between Kal (the negative power) and Dayal Mat (the Path of the true and Merciful God), nor can one fully grasp the teachings of Sant Mat.’” (Rai Sahib Munshi Ram, “With the Three Masters”, and also included in the: Introduction to, The Ocean of Love: The Anurag Sagar of Kabir, 1982, Published by Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, New Hampshire, USA)

“Among the saints whom Tulsi Sahib himself singles out in Ghat Ramayan as Satgurus (true masters) are Buali Qalandar, Jalaluddin Rumi, Kabir Sahib, Dadu Dayal, Rai Das Ji, Dariya Sahib (who may have been Tulsi Sahib’s own Guru), Guru Nanak, Surdas Ji, Nabha Das Ji, Mansur, Mirabai, Sarmad, and Shams-e Tabrizi.” (Tulsi Sahib – Saint of Hathras, second edition, 2017, Introduction, page xiii)

The Origins of Sant Mat, the Five Names, and the Identity of Tulsi Sahib’s Guru – Sant Mat Satsang Podcast With James Bean

@ Youtube:

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Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, India

Guru Lineage Charts of Sant Mat, Radhasoami, Surat Shabd Yoga (Inner Light and Sound Meditation), Guru Kabir, the Dharamdasis of Kabir Panth, Dadu Panth, Dariya Sahib, the Ten Sikh Gurus, Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras and Successors, Radhasoami Faith, the House of Kirpal, and Maharshi Mehi — Sant Mat Radhasoami Books, The E Library: Guru Lineage Charts Section:

Light and Sound on the Path — Sant Mat Fellowship

Light and Sound on the Path — Sant Mat Fellowship
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“Life is a progression. We progress from childhood to adulthood, from simplicity to complexity, from ignorance to knowledge, from innocence to wisdom and from birth to death. It is the law of life. But there is also a progression from the external life to the internal, from the hustle and bustle of material life to the serenity and silence of internal life. It is in the latter that we experience the beauty of the Self and its connection with Divinity. (Jagessar Das, New Book: Doctor by Chance, Mystic by Choice)
“The Master finished speaking and fell silent for a while. I felt the import of his words penetrate my entire being. I pledged myself to explore the universe of love, that universe that transcends time, space and causality. It is a universe which needs no spaceship for its conquest. It has riches undreamed of in the outer physical universe. The physical universe is a place of awe-inspiring beauty, and the mind of man is naturally inclined to plumb the wonders of its creation; but this outer universe is only the material robe of the Supreme Lord, who is all love. God has upheld His entire creation with the power of love, and the very soul of man is infused with this power. I have sojourned in the physical world for eons, and I have known the three states of slumber, dream and wakefulness. Now, through the grace of a living Master, I would attain the state of superconsciousness. I will be shown how to reassert my own true nature and thus walk upon the highway of love, the radiant way of return to my true home.” (Pilgrimage Of James — An Odyssey of Inner Space, by George Arnsby Jones, now an online book at The Internet Archive)
‘In this labyrinth of existence we can become quite habituated into remaining as surface-dwellers living inundated by all the outward distractions that life on earth provides. We may ask of ourselves, “Am I availing myself of the spiritual direction and wisdom that comes from within?”
‘Over the centuries contemplative souls have taught that the human body is a kind of temple, and that within this temple are portals that lead to other dimensions, that by looking within this microcosm we may access the macrocosm of the heavens.
‘We are children of both worlds.
We human beings are a Tree of Life
with roots in the earth
and branches rising into a mystic sky.’
(recent podcast, A Human Being, Where Inner And Outer Worlds Converge)
The Latest Sant Mat Satsang and Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcasts:
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The Wisdom of Guru Kabir and Dr. Jagessar Das;
Awakening from the Soul Slumber of the Ages;
John the Baptist’s Vegetarian Diet — An Exploration of Early Christian Writings and Scholarly Texts, Locust Beans (Not Locusts) — Beans, Not Bugs;
A Human Being, Where Inner And Outer Worlds Converge;
The Path of the Living Masters: How A Formless God Communicates With Souls Living in Worlds of Form;
Teachings of Baba Jaimal Singh of the Radhasoami Faith;
The Rule About Not Sharing One’s Inner Experiences in Sant Mat, and… The WONDERS of Inner Space;
Seven Teachings of Sant Mat, and… Requirements For Initiation;
A Spiritual Talk (Satsang) Based on the Teachings of Beloved Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj of Sant Mat;
Sant Darshan Singh: Love’s Last Madness (Mystic Poetry);
Baba Faqir Chand;
Mystic Poetry of Maharshi Mehi;
The Origins of Sant Mat Revisited, then… Satsang Readings from the Mystic Poetry of Kabir, Tulsi Sahib, and the Anurag Sagar;
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Not Necessarily Saints, Says Tukaram
They’re not mystics because they write poetry,
not saints because they’re related to a saint.
Their names and costumes don’t matter;
only those who face the enemy in battle are brave.
They’re not mystics just because they play instruments
and drape an ascetic’s blanket over their shoulders,
or sing and recite scriptures.
Reading the Vedas and performing rituals
does not make them saints.
Penances, pilgrimages and living in forests
make no one a mystic.
Beads, caste marks and smeared ashes —
these don’t make a saint.
If they don’t forget the body*, says Tuka,
they’re just people of the world.
Sant Tukarama, Many Voices, One Song, The Poet Mystics of Maharashtra
* Note: “forget the body”, or in other words, being able to transcend the material realm via meditation practice.
Paramahansa Yogananda: “Truths are not truths to you unless you realize them within yourself. Without realization, they are just ideas. For spiritual perception, spiritual consciousness, lies not in vague theological ideas, but in the acquisition of Self-realization.”
Question: Is this a Covid warning?
“Be on guard, so that your hearts do not become heavy with the eating of flesh and with the intoxication of wine and with the anxiety of the world, and that day come upon you suddenly; for as a snare it will come upon all who dwell upon the surface of the earth.” (Jesus, Luke 21:34, Evangelion Da-Mepharreshe — Old Syriac-Aramaic Manuscript of the New Testament Gospels)
Answer (my reply): It certainly does fit a tragic pattern. Not that Covid 19 is the only example of a zoonotic apocalypse, just the latest in a long series of pandemics and killer flu seasons or bird flues leading to much self-inflicted human suffering due to a diet that includes eating meat. The 1918 pandemic called the Spanish Flu was an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. There is now discussion about a future zoonotic pandemic that could be far worse, even more deadly than the current one. And this is part of a long sad history of diseases being passed from animals to humans. Wet markets and factory farms are the perfect setting for deadly diseases to transmit from species to species to human. The consequences of the eating of flesh leading to anxiety and pestilence goes back many centuries, and may ultimately bring civilization to an end one day soon… unless we collectively change our ways. #GoVegan
Above: Someone commented on my article @ Medium (SantMat.Medium), and my reply: Evidence That Jesus and The Original Aramaic Christians Were Vegetarians, By James Bean.
#vegan #zoonotic #zoonoticdiseases #apocalypse #syriac #gospelofluke #jesus #yeshua #vegetarian #h1n1 #SwineFlu #wetmarkets #factoryfarming
“Blessed are the souls who in today’s materialistic world have an inclination towards spirituality.” (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)
“What wonders has your love effected!
When someone is still alive
he has left this world:
though his bodily condition remains
with the world’s bodily condition,
yet his spirit has been raised up towards You,
so that for a period of time
he is where he knows not,
being totally raptured and drawn towards You.”
John of Apamea, Prayers of the Mystics section, The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life, translated from Syriac Aramaic into English by Sebastian Brock ////////

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