Two New Podcasts: Gospel of Thomas, and, An Introduction to Sant Mat Meditation


Light and Sound on the Path: Two New Podcasts: 

1) Rising Above, Hearing the Sound Current, and Entering the Kingdom of Heaven; and, 

2) Gospel of Thomas Spiritual Studies: What the Eye Has Not Seen, and What the Ear Has Not Heard

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Spiritual Awakening Radio (and Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts) with James Bean, heard on various community, public radio stations and the web, explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West, God, meditation, out of body or near death experiences (inner space), the vegan diet and other ahimsa ethics — education for a more peaceful planet.


Rising Above, Hearing the Sound Current, and Entering the Kingdom of Heaven – Sant Mat Satsang Podcast With James Bean

An introduction to the spiritual practices of inner seeing and inner hearing, the way of Initiation into the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. Today’s presentation waxes poetic and draws upon the universal mystic tradition of the ages, East and West, and especially upon the wisdom of this living Path of the Masters in the world of today known as Sant Mat, a term meaning “The Way of the Saints”, those master-souls acquainted with the worlds of within, dimensions and domains beyond, inner regions, higher planes, and heavens above, the top-most of which is the true, eternal, timeless, spiritual home of the soul, the Ocean of Love, All-Consciousness, and Divine Grace.


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Resting in the Holy Sound, by Huzur Baba Sawan Singh (pictured above)


“Please devote some time daily without fail to Sound-practice and Repetition, as this is the only fruit of our life which we will take with us on leaving this world; whereas, even the kingships of this earth shall have to be abandoned when death overtakes us. Therefore, it is necessary that we should add to our spiritual wealth, which is the only thing to help us at the time of departing. And the only way to increase our spiritual power is by means of Sound-practice and Repetition. The greater our love for Holy Sound, the greater will be our peace of mind and spiritual progress. As far as possible, we should try to make the focus above the eyes, in the brain, our resting place. Just as a man, weary with the day’s work, resorts to his home to take rest, so we habituate our soul, on being tired with worldly work, to take rest in the Holy Sound. The attention has to be brought inside, and when it likes to rest there, like the wanderer coming home, it will find peace within.”

“In the Light of God which is called the Kingdom of Heaven the Sound is wholly soft, pleasant, lovely, pure and thin … God, who is a Spirit, has by and through his manifestation introduced himself into distinct spirits, which are the voices of his eternal pregnant harmony in the manifested Word of his great kingdom of joy: they are God’s instrument, in which his Spirit melodizes in his kingdom of joy; they are angels, the flames of fire and light, in a living, understanding dominion. If you should in this world bring many thousand sorts of musical instruments together, and all should be tuned in the best manner most artificially, and the most skillful masters of music should play on them in concert together, all would be no more than the howlings and barkings of dogs in comparison to the Divine Music, which rises through the Divine Sound and tunes from Eternity to Eternity.”  (Jacob Boehme, German Mystic)


Gospel of Thomas Spiritual Studies: What the Eye Has Not Seen, and What the Ear Has Not Heard

New reflections on the Gospel of Thomas, a collection of the sayings of Jesus, a wisdom gospel of Yeshua, where its source material comes from, especially the use of the Gospel of the Hebrews in Thomas. There’s an exploration of the possibility that both the author of Thomas and Paul in First Corinthians 2:9 quoted from the Gospel of the Hebrews. This podcast features commentaries on sayings one through five from the Greek Gospel of Thomas, especially concentrating on saying two along with the parallel version of the saying in the Gospel of the Hebrews, background on the original discovery of “The Sayings of Our Lord” made in 1897 at Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, also commentary on sayings twelve, seventeen, and twenty seven. I delve into the mystery of Tatian’s Syriac-Aramaic Gospel Harmony and The Heliand (Saxon Gospel). I make use of apocryphal New Testament type texts, and writings from Syriac mystics associated with the Saint Thomas branch of Eastern Christianity. Then this lengthy deep dive into the Gospel of Thomas becomes a spiritual satsang discourse with selections from the teachings of Kirpal Singh on becoming an Initiate of the Mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens learning to rise above body-consciousness when “the eye becomes single” so that we may see “What the Eye Has Not Seen, and Hear What the Ear Has Not Heard”.


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“Look at God within yourself, how ‘God is Light.’

For his Nature is a glorious, many-splendored Light.

He manifests the Light of his Nature to those

who love Him in all the worlds.”

— John of Dalyatha, Syriac Mystic

“Some time, therefore, after one has risen to the Sphere of Serenity, they will participate with God in the revelation of His Mysteries, and will in consequence see and hear everything there in a spiritual way, and their service and the glorification of their song will always be joined with those of the spiritual beings. Blessed is the one who has been found worthy of this gift and of this confidence, and seen this glorious Vision with the eyes of their mind, and heard with the ears of the heart the fine sound which, from the State of Serenity, is revealed to a spiritual person. Believe me truly when I say to you that whenever the mind hears the sound of the spiritual beings with its intelligible ears, all its work is performed high above the senses of the body and of its own faculties, which becomes silent and restful, as in sleep, through the happiness which it receives from the glorification of the spiritual beings.” (from the mystical treatises of Joseph Hazzaya, also known as, Joseph the Visionary, translated from Syriac-Aramaic by Alphonse Mingana, in the book, Early Christian Mystics)

“What wonders has your love effected!

When someone is still alive

he has left this world:

though his bodily condition remains

with the world’s bodily condition,

yet his spirit has been raised up towards You,

so that for a period of time

he is where he knows not,

being totally raptured and drawn towards You.”

— John of Apamea, in, from the Prayers of the Mystics section of:

“The Syriac Fathers On Prayer And The

Spiritual Life,” translated from the original Syriac-Aramaic by

Sebastian Brock, Cistercian Publications


Kabir says:


It is the mercy of my true teacher [the Satguru]


that has made me to


know the unknown;


I have learned from Him how to


walk without feet,


to see without eyes,


to hear without ears,


to drink without mouth,


to fly without wings.



“One of the proofs that our Simran is being done correctly is that, in any kind of difficulty, we first remember Simran.” (Baba Ram Singh)

“One of the proofs that our Simran is being done correctly is that, in any kind of difficulty, we first remember Simran.” (Baba Ram Singh)

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Adopting A Spiritual Way of Life This Time Through, During This Incarnation — Sant Mat Satsang Podcast at Youtube and Wherever You Listen to Podcasts;

Waste of Life — Mystic Verses of Sant Charandas;

Satsang Discourse by Baba Ram Singh Ji titled, Simran Does Not Come Automatically To Us Unless We Develop That Habit;

Also, scroll to the bottom for A Note About Simran, Simran defined;

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Adopting A Spiritual Way of Life This Time Through, During This Incarnation — Satsang at Youtube and Wherever You Listen to Podcasts

“The highest form of religious practice is the creation of spiritual love within the heart. When the living flames of love have been removed from religious movements and sects, these become empty shells and miserable shams. Lasting love can only be attained at the lotus feet of a mystic adept, a living Godman. The teachings of such a saint will not ensnare the aspirant in a web of rites and ceremonies. He teaches only the practical evocation of the power of love that dwells within the soul.” (George Arnsby Jones, The Mystic Adept: Love Incarnate)

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“You have seen the external Gurus; now also behold the internal True Guru.

You have seen the external temples; now also see the internal True Temple.

You have read the external Shastras (holy books); now also read the internal True Shastra.

You have listened to the external Shabds; now also listen to the internal True Shabd (Divine Melody).

You have read the external Bani; now also read the internal True Bani.

You have recited the external Names; now also meditate on the internal True Nam (Word) which is constantly resounding by itself.

You have listened to the external Kirtan (Hymns); now also listen to the internal True Kirtan.

You have gained the external bookish knowledge; now also acquire the internal True Knowledge.

You have tasted the external Amrit (Nectar); now also drink the internal True Nectar of Immortality.

You have bathed at the external places of pilgrimage; now also bathe at the internal True place of Pilgrimage.

You have practiced the external sectarian worship; now practise the internal True Worship.”

— Poem of Gurbax Singh

Waste of Life — Mystic Verses of Sant Charandas (1703-1782)

“Understand, O people,

understand when I proclaim loudly:

no one will remain here forever —

all will have to depart in the end.

Caught up in attachment for your family,

you ignored the worship of the Lord

and thus wasted your opportunity.

You spent the day working and the night in sleep –

this is how you have passed your years.

Every minute of the day you have wasted in vain.

Not even for a moment

did you repeat the Lord’s Name.

How then will you find bliss?

As a child you remained lost in play.

In youth you were intoxicated with yourself.

In old age you were beset with worry,

and sorrows robbed you of all joy.

Why are you lost?

Be vigilant!

Kaal is standing over you with his arrow aimed at you.

He will draw his bow, shoot poisonous arrows

and tie you up before you know it.

Give up your attachment to this false world

and repeat the true Name.

Says Charandas: Sukdev (Charan Das’s Master) cautions you to

reflect on your own welfare!”

— Saint Charandas

Excerpts from: Simran* Does Not Come Automatically To Us Unless We Develop That Habit, by Baba Ram Singh Ji

The first step on the ladder of devotion is gurubhakti — or the devotion of the Master. And devotion of the Master does not mean that we take some incense or some candles and light them and do such outward rituals. The devotion of the Master is, basically, doing our meditation, doing our Simran and Dhyan, and doing seva at the feet of the Master. These are the first steps on the path of devotion.

The Names that have been given to us at the time of initiation are the names of the Lords of the planes in the higher regions. These are the Lords Who have never taken an avatar and come into this world and They are very pure Lords. So, taking Their Name and repeating that in our mind makes the mind also pure.

So, Simran is our first step on this ladder. Till we are able to do Simran to the level where it starts happening automatically in our mind, we will not be able to progress much on this Path. That is why Masters lay a lot of emphasis on Simran. And They say that you should do Simran when you’re cooking food, or you’re walking, or you’re traveling, or doing anything in a routine. You should do as much Simran as possible. It is Simran only that will take the attention of the soul and get it out of the nine doors and bring it into the Tenth Door. So, Simran is a very important thing and till we become good at that, we will not be able to progress much within.

The mind is prone to doing simran of the world and it does not like to do the Simran of the Naam that has been given by the Masters. So, every time we sit for trying to do Simran, the mind pulls us outwardly. It takes time to do this.

Initially, we have to forcefully do it because the mind is used to going outward. We have to force it to sit and do Simran. And it is a slow process because of the habit of the mind. One cannot say whether it will take a certain number of days or a certain number of months or years. But it takes a bit of time for the mind to get accustomed to this.

Initially, we repeat the Names with the tongue; and, silently, we repeat Them in the mouth with the tongue. Because we are used to repeating that way, it comes more easily to us. But later, we start repeating the Names in the mind. That is called jap. So, initially, this is done with the mouth, then consciously with the mind.

And then, when it becomes automatic in the mind, it is called ajapa. So, once the mind starts doing it automatically, then we will get successful and we will be able to quickly go within.

Therefore, we should try and spend more and more time doing Simran.

Swami Ji Maharaj warns us and awakens us, saying, “Our treasure is getting depleted with every breath, the biggest treasure that we have in this life is the treasure of the number of breaths that we can take in this life. And with each breath, we are losing and depleting that treasure.”

It is said that we will lose about 21,600 breaths every day — we take about fifteen breaths in a minute. And that way, in the whole day, nearly 21,600 breaths are lost to us from our current lifetime.

If we look back and think it through, then every minute we are losing fifteen breaths, and in a day, we are losing 21,600 breaths. Considering that, if we look at six months back or one year back, what is our remaining age today? If we look back, we should see how much breath we have just thrown away.

Kabir Sahib says, “Beating a drum, I say this repeatedly. With each breath, you are losing the value of three worlds.”

God Almighty has given you this lifetime and given you this precious opportunity, and this is the opportunity for you to get out of this ocean of life. Now, if we waste this in our mundane activities…

God sits in this human body and He has provided this opportunity to get a salvation and go back to Him. Now, if we have wasted this opportunity, we have wasted that opportunity that God Almighty Himself has created for us.

This Simran is given to you by True Masters. You should practice that Simran and focus at the Eye Center. The Masters have given it as the Simran for us to do. We have to do this Simran, and when we do that, we go to the Eye Center.

Once we are at the Eye Center, we manifest the Form of the Master and, with the Grace of the Master, the Sound Current is also manifested…

The Master Who has given you the initiation is waiting for you to come to the Eye Center. That much duty is ours. We have to go to the Eye Center following His instructions. After that, the Master will take you further…

By doing Simran you manifest the Form the Master within. And once you have manifested the Master within, He will always be there with you, every second. And then, the Sound Current, which is resonating at the Eye Center, will take you further up. And on the Path from one Sound Current to the other Sound Current, it will take you back to God Almighty.

Once you have manifested the Radiant Form of the Master within, then He extends His Grace to you. And all that you require, He takes care and fulfills all the things that you want, and He is always there with you — whether you go to America or you go to India or anywhere — He is always with you.

One of the proofs that our Simran is being done correctly is that, in any kind of difficulty, we first remember Simran. When we are facing some difficulty — even in a dream state — and we start remembering our Simran and we start doing Simran in that state, then you can say that your Simran is now on the right path and you are doing it correctly.

— Excerpts from: Simran Does Not Come Automatically To Us Unless We Develop That Habit, a Satsang Discourse by Baba Ram Singh Ji

* A Note About Simran – The Power of Repeating God’s Name

Repeating a Name (or Names) of God with love and devotion, called in the east “Simran”, “Manas Jap”, or “Zikhr,” is one of the key spiritual exercises used to cultivate love for God and to invoke the Positive Power in our daily lives, making it possible to live a life of love. Simran is a mental repetition of a Name of God done during meditation, and this spiritual practice is also done during available moments throughout the day and night as a way to remember God all the time. Says Sant Tukarama:

“Such is God’s Name

that it heals the disease of the world.

Whosoever repeats the Lord’s Name

while engaged in earthly duties,

remains ever in a blissful state of divine communion.

One absorbed in the Lord’s Name, O Tuka,

has truly attained liberation while living.”

This spiritual exercise of repeating God’s Name helps to uplift our day, to bring some of the heaven and bliss of meditation into our down-to-earth daily experience, and is a way to remember in a world of forgetfulness, to remain awake in a world of spiritual slumber, to abide in Truth, no longer dominated by the forces of illusion. Be who you really are wherever you go. ////////

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Light and Sound on the Path: Life Has Been Wasted If We Do Not Enter the Eye Center


Light and Sound on the Path: Life Has Been Wasted If We Do Not Enter the Eye Center

“If we listen to Satsang every day, and we do Bhajan Simran every day, then we will definitely get success on this Path, and we will be fit for getting the Grace of our Masters.” (Baba Ram Singh Ji)

The Third Eye in Meditation: “Close your eyes as in sleep, and look sweetly, lovingly, intently into the middle of the darkness lying in front of you. You will see a dark veil. That which sees the dark veil within, without the help of your physical eyes, IS the inner eye.” (Kirpal Singh)

“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.” — Meister Eckhart

Life Has Been Wasted if We Do Not Enter the Eye Center — Sant Mat Satsang PODCAST: Some Inspiration Today For Spiritual Seekers Looking For the Way to the Beyond, the Kingdom of the Heavens, the Way That Leads to the Worlds that are Within: Featuring the Wisdom of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh, Baba Somanath, Sant Kirpal Singh, Baba Ram Singh Ji (Guddella Ashram, Andhra Pradesh), Sarmad the Sufi Saint, Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar, Niloba of Maharashtra, Sant Paltu Sahib, Sant Pippa Saheb, the Adi Granth (Guru Granth), Baba Kehar Singh, Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur, Baba Devi Sahab of Moradabad, and Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj (Maharshi Mehi Ashram).

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Hazur Baba Sawan Singh: “The Saints tell mankind that above this dark world there are many higher and more beautiful spiritual regions, and that everyone in due course of time will rise to those regions. They speak always of the Divine Music of Naam, the Word of God, which their disciples hear and which, by its purifying and magnetic power, cleanses the minds of the disciples and draws their souls up to the higher domains.”

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Simran Is The First Step In Sant Mat

Simran is the art of repeating a name or names of God in one’s mind (manas jap, guru mantra) for the purpose of Remembering the Divine — Practicing the Presence of God. It is a way to remain spiritually awake in a world of slumber, a way to remain centered instead of being thrown off-center by the influence of maya (illusion). In the Path of the Saints and Mystics this spiritual exercise of repeating or chanting Names of God is done not only in meditation practice, but as often as possible throughout the day as a way to spiritualize all aspects of life, inner and outer. Baba Ram Singh on Simran:

“So, when you are here, you should do Simran* as much as possible, while you are walking, while you are eating, and while going about your other work. And with this, you will get the Grace of Baba Ji. Because, when we do Simran like this and then when we sit for meditation, it is the Simran, which we have done the day long, that helps us at the time of meditation. If we are not doing Simran, then our mind is scattered, and all the other things then affect our meditations. So, we should spend as much time as possible and maximize our Simran. We should focus our attention towards Simran. Simran is the first step in Sant Mat, and it is only with Simran that we leave out the nine doors and come to the Tenth.” (Baba Ram Singh Ji, from the satsang discourse, Simran Is The First Step In Sant Mat)

*Simran [Remembrance]: “Repetition of names or thoughts; in Sant Mat, the simran of worldly thoughts is controlled through the Simran of the Five Charged Names, repeated by an initiate throughout the day and when sitting for meditation as a means of collecting the thought currents at the Third Eye Center; also used as a password of sorts to higher planes and protection from Negative Power influences.” (Glossary in the discourses of Baba Ram Singh)

Give Priority To Your Meditation (from a Satsang Discourse of Baba Ram Singh Ji)

THE PATH OF SANT MAT is the path of love and affection. Mahatmas have been explaining that the soul is a form of love and the Master is also a form of love. God Almighty Himself is a form of love. And the Path of going back to God Almighty is also a form of love. But ever since the soul has separated from God Almighty and has got engulfed in the net of Kal and Maya, it has separated from God Almighty and has manifested itself in the form of Kal and Maya here.

So, that same love, which has manifested in the outward pursuits of Kal and Maya here, if we are able to inwardly direct that same love and affection, then we can move within at great speed and velocity.

Therefore, our love and affection have to be prioritized. And, oftentimes, we prioritize all of the other things, all of our mundane activities, and other things. And because we have a love and affection for those things, we prioritize those and we say, “Okay, after we have finished all of those activities, we will sit for meditation.” And then, sometimes we sit for meditation; sometimes we do not sit for meditation. And that’s how our meditation gets affected.

So, if you have love and affection for your Master, then you will prioritize that love and affection for giving priority to your meditation first.

It is, therefore, incumbent on a disciple, once he has been initiated, to prioritize his meditation. He should always keep that to the forefront and do his meditation first, and then all of the other activities should follow that.

And why do we do this meditation? It is so that we get free from this ocean of life and death and we rid ourselves from this illness of life and death. And that is the technique — that is the trick — that the Master has taught us. That is what we should do — and do it with a priority.

The Ladder Of The Sound Current Connects The Soul Back To God Almighty

Ever since God has created this whole Creation and has created the human body and human form, He has created the Path to go back, for the soul to go back, and meet God Almighty within the human form. This is not a Path created by any Mahatmas. It is a Path created by God Almighty Himself. It is a natural law that has made this. On the same Path, Saints have gone and met God Almighty with the Grace of Their Masters. And, on the same Path, we can also go with the Grace of our Masters and meet God Almighty.

There is one Sound Current emanating from God Almighty coming down, but there are five planes in-between. And each plane, where the Sound Current traverses, it makes a different sound.

So, this ladder of Sound Current is there connected within, and each step we take, each plane we cross, that same ladder is connected internally. The same Sound Current gets connected and goes back to God Almighty. It is on the Sound Current only that the soul rides and goes back to God Almighty, all which are connected within.

But, to manifest this Sound Current within, we have to take the help of Simran and Dhyan and we have to concentrate our attention, we have to focus our attention from outside, within. And that is how we will get to manifest the Sound Current within.

Our mind is scattered in outward, worldly thoughts. And it is continuously in the repetition of these thoughts, which are all outwardly drawn. And that is why the mind is also outwardly drawn. By doing the Simran of the Naam given at the time of initiation, we repeat that and the mind starts getting focused, and its attention gets focused within.

When we sit for meditation, we close our eyes and then we focus our thoughts at the back of the Eye Center. And our faculty of visualization is also there, which also visualizes the Form of the Master within. And by doing Simran, we concentrate our attention and focus at the back of the Eye Center. Then, automatically, when we sit for meditation, our attention starts getting focused on the Form of a Master at the back of the Eye Center.

There are the rishis and munis who also do meditation. But their meditation and their focus and attention are slightly different. Instead of focusing at the back of the Eye Center, what they do is, they start focusing on the chakras.

So, in the physical body, we have six chakras. And starting from the lowest chakra, they start doing the mantra. Each chakra has a mantra, and what they do is, they repeat the mantras. And, when a certain number of times that mantra is done, tens of thousands of times, then that chakra opens up. And, that way, they start progressing by opening each of these chakras and going inside and up within their body. So, for them to take and open each of the six chakras and then the seventh above that and go up, inside, it takes a very, very long time.

Mahatmas say that when someone has to climb a mountain and he is midway, standing on the mountain, there is no point in going down to the bottom of the mountain and then climbing all the way up again. Instead, he should climb upwards from where he is.

So, the soul is currently situated at the back of the Eye Center. And, therefore, Saints say that you start from there. You start focusing there and focus your attention where the soul and the Master stay. That is at the back of the Eye Center.

So, therefore, we should lovingly focus our attention and do the Simran and the Dhyan, that is, the contemplation of the Form of the Master while doing Simran at the back of the Eye Center. When we do this lovingly, we also start getting the Grace of the Master there.

* * * 

So, this morning time is good. We have woken up. Our mind is fresh and it is quiet. A quiet mind is good for meditation. So, we should close our eyes and get connected to Simran and Dhyan.

— Baba Ram Singh Ji, Meditation Talk 08 Aug 2016 — Morning

“Look at God within yourself, how ‘God is Light.’ For his Nature is a glorious, many-splendored Light. He manifests the Light of his Nature to those who love Him in all the worlds…” — John of Dalyatha, Syriac Mystic

Ode 12: The Truth, the Word or Sound of the Logos, and the Aeons… the Cosmic Worlds

The Word of Truth filled me,

and in order that I might speak it.

And like the flowing of water,

truth flowed from my mouth,

and my lips declared its fruits.

And it increased in me it’s Gnosis,

because the true Word is the

mouth of the Lord

and the gates of his Light.

And the most high gave the Word to his Aeons,

the interpreters of his beauty,

and the narrator’s of his glory,

and the confessors of his thought,

and the revealers of his mind,

and the teachers of his works.

For the swiftness of the Word is indescribable,

and like its narration, so are its

swiftness and sharpness,

and its course is Limitless.

For it is the Light and dawning of thought.

And the Aeons spoke to one another by the Word

and they acquired speech,

those who were silent.

And from its was friendship and Harmony,

and they spoke, one to another by it.

And they were goaded by the Word

and knew him who had made them,

because they were in Harmony.

Because the mouth of the Most High

spoke to them,

For the dwelling place of the Word is man,

and it’s truth is love.

(excerpted from the more ‘Gnostic’ Lattke translation of the Book of the Odes)

ODE 12 sounds almost like it was composed by the same folks behind the Gospel of John and other John community texts.

— Ode 12, Odes of Solomon — not really Solomon, as it’s from a pseudepigraphicaly titled apocryphal text. An accurate title would be, The First Known Collection of Hymns (Psalms) from Early Christianity Preserved in Syriac-Aramaic, Coptic, and Greek

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Light and Sound on the Path: May You Always Find Genuineness in What’s Presented Here As We Explore A Spiritual Path Called Sant Mat



Light and Sound on the Path: May You Always Find Genuineness in What’s Presented Here As We Explore A Spiritual Path Called Sant Mat


This Light 


Astonishing, this light, so different — 

even with eyes closed you see it.

It was never lit, nor does it ever go out

— the luminous soul makes it shine eternally.

No colour yet all colours,

this light is illumined by life itself.

Nila says, Today God in his grace

used my offering of the lamp of devotion

simply as an excuse

to let me experience this light.


— Niloba of Maharashtra

Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur: “If someone’s mind is inordinately attracted towards some particular worldly affairs, or towards some particular person, or entertains strong feelings of enmity or grudge against anyone, then also he will have little love in the Holy Feet of the Supreme Being, and for this reason, his mind will not apply itself to devotional practices, and he will find little pleasure in them. To sum up, therefore, a true satsangi should as far as possible, detach himself [or herself] from worldly affairs every day, and should increase his love and attachment in the Feet of the Supreme Being. The extent to which his mind gets relieved of worldly attachments, is love in the Feet of the Supreme Being will increase and the bliss of Bhajan and Dhyan [meditation including inner Sound Meditation] will also be felt in a greater degree, and he will experience internally greater Daya [Grace].”


Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar: “The Lord thoughtfully spoke this word to Dariya: ‘Boundless indeed is My Naam. Let one hold fast to Naam with one-pointed attention — Kal [lord of time and illusion, the negative power] can never go near such a person. Let one merge one’s attention into Naam while standing or sitting, and let one direct one’s love to the Divine inner sight. If one bears the Satguru’s imprint, his authentic passport and his spiritual coin for transaction, one will certainly go across the ocean of the world (samsara). Such a one discards the deception of gods and goddesses and, being engaged in the true practice [surat shabd yoga], is steeped in the Lord’s love [bhakti]. Giving up delusion, he endearingly holds fast to the Beloved, nurturing the true love obtained from the Satguru. While standing or sitting he thinks of the Lord and remains absorbed in the Sound Current. He takes shelter under the Truth and thus brings Kal to defeat.'” (Book of Gyan Deepak)

Beyond the Material Five Senses are Subtle Spiritual Senses: Spiritual Seeing, Spiritual Hearing, etc…: “Since the exterior senses, by hearing, by sight, by the sense of smell and of touch, are not able to search out the innermost mysteries of the natures, on this account God conceals within the inner members a nature having senses more subtle than all the bodies. Now because of the subtleness of its stirrings, this nature searches out the hidden wisdom of the things created by the Lord of all.” (John the Solitary, “John the Solitary On the Soul”, Syriac mystic — I have a great fondness for the depth of the Syriac mystics)


“Within This Body” —

Mystic Poem of Sant Tulsi Sahib


Within this body

breathes the secret essence.

Within this body

beats the heart of the Vedas.

Within this body

shines the entire Universe,

so the saints say.

Hermits, ascetics, celibates

– all are lost

seeking Him

in endless guises.

Seers and sages perfectly parrot

the scriptures and holy books,

blinded by knowledge.

Their pilgrimage,

and fasting,

and striving

but delude

Despite their perfect practice,

they discover no destination.

Only the saints

who know the body’s heart

have attained the Ultimate, O Tulsi.

Realize this, and you’ve found your freedom

(while teachers trapped in tradition

know only the mirage

in the mirror).

Inner Sound Meditation Leading to Anami Oneness: “The ascension of the soul in the reverse direction of flow of streams of sounds can thus be compared to the swimming of fishes. Hence the Yoga of Sound has also been referred to as “mina marg” (mina meaning fish and marg meaning path). Thus, climbing further and further, leaving all the five spheres behind one after another, the soul finally transcends even the domain of the Quintessential Unstruck Sound and merges into the ‘Anami’ (Nameless/Soundless) or ‘Kaivalyatita’ (beyond Kaivalya or the Conscious) State to be one with [merge with] the Supreme Godhead, to be God Himself. Thus yoga or union or bhakti (devotion) gets completed.”


— Swami Achyutanand Baba, The Yoga of Inner Light and Sound

Excerpts from a Satsang Discourse by Baba Somanath Commenting on Verses of Soamiji Maharaj  (from Sar Bachan, Bachan 19, Shabd 13)


Soamiji Maharaj: “The Guru says all the world is blind. No one grasps the secret of the inner way.”


Baba Somanath: “This is the bani [hymn] of Param Sant Satguru Hazur Swami Ji. He says that all the world is blind. Why? In the beginning, the Almighty Lord put the Path to meet Him within us and then He sent us into this world. And if that inner eye opens, then we will reunite with the Lord. But through millions of yugas [vast epochs of time] and incarnations, we have been running outward. Lord Kal [the negative power] has placed the curtain of mind and Maya [illusion] over the soul and has cast it into the outer world. And becoming extroverted, the soul is always hurrying forward, never looking back to realize the True Home that it left so long ago.”  


Soamiji Maharaj: “Everyone is wandering outside aimlessly.  No one catches hold of the Shabd [Sound] within.”


Baba Somanath: “It is just like the water and the waves. Our entire lifespan is consumed counting the waves. Millions of yugas have passed in this way. But what is the nature of a wave? It is composed of water. But if we are under the illusion that the wave is something substantial in itself, if we forget the wave is only water, if we think of the wave as something separate from the water, then we do not understand its real nature.


“In the same way, all the jivas [souls], becoming infatuated with the pleasures created by mind and Maya, rush about in the external world and waste their allotted span of life. Under this illusion, the jiva says, ‘Who is equal to me? What shortcoming is there in me?’ We may think this, we may think that, but when the breaths finish what remains? Only a heap of earth, nothing more. We have become so identified with this heap of earth that we think it is our true self. And in our ignorance, we assert: ‘Who can compare with me?'”


Soamiji Maharaj: “The Guru proclaims ceaselessly: ‘Search for the Shabd within.'”


Baba Somanath: “The Satguru constantly tries to make us understand. What does He tell us? ‘Brother, take your mind away from the disturbance of this world, from ‘I and mine,’ from enjoying the sense pleasures, and fix it within at the point between the two eyes [third eye]. When the mind becomes concentrated, that Inner Power will call you of itself. That Power is the Sound Current, the Word, the Akash-bani (Etheric Sound). Concentrate your attention on that Sound Current — do not look this way and that.”


Soamiji Maharaj: “Only some rare worthy one stands firm on the support of the Master’s words.”


Baba Somanath: “As soon as the rare, worthy disciples hear the Guru’s words, they take them to their hearts.  The instant they hear those words they act upon them. But the unworthy disciples take the Guru’s words as ordinary and carelessly discard them.


“Who are the worthy disciples of the highest order? ‘They meet with the True Guru if emancipation is written in their destiny.’  Whoever has once attained the inner darshan [vision] of the perfect Satguru, whoever has learned the inner secret, their work is accomplished. This is the highest grade of worthy disciple. Such a disciple is like the pearl oyster who swims to the surface of the water and opens its mouth to receive the raindrops that fall during the swati nakshatra. As soon as it catches that swati raindrop, it closes its mouth, and from that drop, it creates the priceless divine pearl in its within.


“So, Swami Ji Maharaj says that as soon as those rare worthy disciples hear the Guru’s words, they mold their lives according to His instructions. They act on His words and do not allow their minds to wander here and there. They never listen to the advice of the mind.”


Soamiji Maharaj: “Everything of the world appears flawed and false.  Only the devotion to the Guru is True.”


Baba Somanath: “Those souls who remain absorbed in the Naam day and night regard the world as a debased place. They understand the bonds that keep us shackled, and they see clearly the nets that Kal has spread. Now our love and affection for this outer world is so strong that we cannot leave it, so how can our love become attached to the Lord? Love is only way. Either you can attach it to the Naam, or you can attach it to the world.


Soamiji Maharaj: “Going into the shelter of Radhaswami [Lord of the Soul], the jiva swims across the ocean of existence.”


Baba Somanath: “Whoever does the practice of Surat and Shabd* will cross over the ocean of existence.”


* Surat Shabd Yoga Meditation

Vegetarian Saying of Jesus: “Now beware in yourselves that your hearts do not become heavy with the eating of flesh and with the intoxication of wine and with the anxiety of the world, and that day come up upon you suddenly; for as a snare it will come upon all them that dwell on the surface of the earth.” (Jesus, Syriac-Aramaic Luke 21:34, edited out of the Greek manuscripts but remaining in: Evangelion Da-Mepharreshe, The Curetonian Version of the Four Gospels, With Readings of the Sinai Palimpset and the Early Syriac Patristic Evidence, Volume One)


PODCAST: Why Vegetarianism Was Edited Out Of Early Christianity: Today we explore: Why Vegetarianism and Veganism? Thy Will Be Done; Thou Shalt Not Kill; Vegetarian Verses of Namdev; Poem of Darshan Singh; Sayings of Pythagoras; Vegetarian Sayings of Jesus; The Vegetarianism Adopted by the Apostles; The Acts of Philip; Saint Paul; Gospel of Thomas; the Vegetarianism Edited Out of the Unity School of Christianity Statement of Faith; A Glimpse Into the Mainstreaming, Succumbing, the Accommodation Process: As the Ranks Swell With New Converts Bringing Their Meat Diets With Them, the Vegetarian Teachings Eventually Get Edited Out — Spiritual Awakening Radio PODCAST 

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