Seek God Within via Meditation, by Maharshi Mehi

Seek God Within via Meditation, by Maharshi Mehi

Sant Tulsi Sahib: “Within the tiny poppy seed [point of concentration] is found the abode of the Supreme Being. Focusing upon this point between the eyes [third eye], one finds the path to the Beloved. One who stills their consciousness at that point pierces through and sees the reflection of the entire universe.”

The Supreme, being the Subtlest, can not be apprehended by the material sense-organs… Although, all the outward and inner tasks are performed by them, the sense-organs are material and cannot grasp the Supreme Sovereign. It is impossible to have the Knowledge of the Supreme while being in the realm of the senses or Non-Conscious nature. One must go beyond the senses and Non-Conscious nature in order to realize the Supreme. For this reason, the outward practices of devotion are of not much use in attaining direct knowledge of the Supreme. The attainment of the state of Oneness is impossible by outer means. The state of Oneness is attained by going beyond all the realms of the non-conscious nature and by moving upward within the body. Waking and dreaming are the evidence that various states exist and can be altered.

One may argue the following premises:

1. The Supreme Sovereign is all pervasive and as such is already realized; therefore, there is no need to seek It.

2. The Supreme Sovereign is pervasive only through its energies or rays. The presence of Its actual form is in a locality. If we are able to go to that locality, then we will attain It.

In response to the first argument, although the Supreme Sovereign is all pervasive, one is not experiencing It directly. It is like attempting to satisfy oneself with imaginary sweets.

In response to the second argument, the Supreme Sovereign, by definition, is infinite. The Infinite cannot be contained in a single place, but must by definition be in all places. Further, the concept of locality contradicts the Unlimited form of the Supreme Sovereign. The Supreme Sovereign can only be Unoriginated and Unlimited.

In conclusion, the Supreme Sovereign should be sought within, beyond the sense realm as previously described. To move spiritually upward within one’s self, through and beyond the realms, is to progress towards union with the Supreme Sovereign.  

— Maharshi Mehi, Philosophy Of Liberation: 

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Light and Sound on the Path — Sant Mat Fellowship

Light and Sound on the Path — Sant Mat Fellowship Online

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Remembering the Forgotten Self (Soul) Lost in the Dust of Creation

Rumi: “You think of yourself as a citizen of the universe. You think you belong to this world of dust and matter. Out of this dust you have created a personal image, and have forgotten about the essence of your true origin.”

Stevan L. Davies: “I think that Gnosticism is about discovering the way that God has turned into you, and then realizing that if you can describe how it is that God turned into you, you can reverse the process.”

Over the many centuries there have always been mystical branches of Judaism, Kabbalah, Sethian Gnosis, and others that have had an ethical, peaceful philosophy of life, adhered to a vegetarian diet, had living teachers or Masters of the Name, a system of initiation into holy names, and the #meditation practice of ascension of the soul through several upper worlds of Light and Sound, with the goal of reuniting with the Supreme Being. Sometimes these teachings get lost or partially forgotten over time, but there is evidence for their existence, and the quest of the mystic soul is to REMEMBER. (from one of my blog entries)

Like Galileo discovering new worlds through the lens of his telescope, mystics have been trying to tell humanity for eons of something quite similar. The reason why the contemplative state of being is still hidden from most of us is that, unlike Galileo’s telescope, in order to look through this particular lens, the third eye or inner vision, we mustn’t focus on the outward sensory impressions, but go in the opposite direction: into Inner Space. Look through the lens of the third eye during meditation to access the world of within. Tune the inner radio dial, listening for the subtle inner sounds coming from beyond the silence. This is how to access the Kingdom of the Heavens, the Inner Space within you. (from one of my blog entries)

“Look within yourself with the inner eye.

The whole expanse inside is replete

with the refulgence of the Divine Light.”

— Dadu Dayal, the Compassionate Mystic

“Sant Kabir Sahab asks: ‘You have lost an object in one place and you are looking for it in an entirely different place. How could you possibly find it?’ Let us consider this dilemma in view of the way people usually attempt to find peace, joy and contentment. People wander ceaselessly through life, always seeking to acquire material resources, thinking they will thus achieve their goal of happiness. However, as the saints tell us, even if we acquire all these physical possessions – status, fame, or wealth – we are still unable to attain true peace, joy and happiness. The peace we seek is not found in the outer material world but only in the inner world of the soul. The outer manifest world is merely sensory. It is transitory and ever-fleeting. But within us lives the Supreme Being whose true form is peace and bliss. The Divine is unmanifest (without physical form), eternal, and beyond the senses. Only by turning inward and ceasing the outward wandering, will we be able to attain lasting joy and eternal peace.”

– Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj – Finding Peace Within – Light and Sound on the Path

“Bring the sky beneath your feet and listen to Celestial Music everywhere.” — Rumi

God is Already Within Us — Baba Somanath


God is Already Within Us

“Take up the broom of love, and sweep the chamber of your heart.” (Bani of Kabir Sahib)

“Only when we have made our hearts clean, can the Lord – Who is immaculate and pure – manifest there. He is already residing there, but he will manifest. We don’t need to bring some other Lord from outside. The false worldly thoughts come from outside and fill up our within. But the Almighty Lord is already innate in our within. He does not descend from some other realm.” (Baba Somanath’s commentary)

“But my Friend resides within me.” (Bani of Kabir Sahib)

“What need do I have to look for Him outside? When we direct our yearning toward the Lord over and over, we become his very form. Then we say, ‘He has become my true friend. I have no more need to wait for His coming. If He were separate from me, then I would have to search for Him and wait for Him. But I am in Him and He is in me. So now what is the point of seeking Him? Where would I search and who would I wait for?’” (Baba Somanath’s commentary)


“Without eyes, you see; without ears, you hear.” (Bani of Kabir Sahib)

“To see without eyes, to hear without ears – this is an inner experience.

Guru Nanak has also spoken on this subject: ‘To see without eyes; to hear without ears.’

All the saints teach the same thing. No matter how hard you may try, you will not be able to have the darshan [vision] of that inner Lord using these physical eyes.

Ramdas Swami tells us: ‘These eyes of flesh cannot see Him; you can behold the Lord only with the eye of knowledge (the inner eye).’

He cannot be seen with these eyes of flesh. Only when you look with the inner eye of knowledge will you behold Him. In the same way, you will hear without ears. Through the physical ears, you hear the sounds of the outer words. But the inner Dhun is resounding of itself, and that Sound is heard without ears. We hear outer sounds through the physical ears, but if the inner Sound did not exist, our sense organs would not function – our very life-breath would cease.” (Baba Somanath’s commentary)


PODCAST: Ethical Guidance From Kabir & An Introduction to Sant Mat Spirituality — Spiritual Awakening Radio @ Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIN, etc…

PODCAST: Ethical Guidance From Kabir & An Introduction to Sant Mat Spirituality — Spiritual Awakening Radio @ Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIN, etc…
PODCAST: Ethical Guidance From Kabir & An Introduction to Sant Mat Spirituality — Spiritual Awakening Radio @ Youtube:
An Outline of Today’s Sant Mat Satsang Podcast: The Story of Ants in a Burning Log — The mysterious figure of Kabir made his entry into the life of Dharam Das; The Ethical Foundation of Sant Mat — Ahimsa Values — The Five Precepts — Moral Requirements to Qualify For Initiation; Seven Key Practices of Sant Mat Mysticism; Selections from the mystic poetry of Kabir from several sources; Readings from the Anurag Sagar and Baba Kehar Singh’s commentary on the Anurag Sagar (Ocean of Love), a spiritual classic of the Sant tradition of India: God is Just Behind Our Eyes at the Third Eye Center; Initiation Into Inner Light and Sound Meditation (Surat Shabd Yoga) and Protection from Above Following the Path of Sants; A Book of Sant Mat Ethics: “1008 Kabir Vani” — One of the Most Important Books of Kabir, a review of the book followed by selections: the Guru Verification Process; the Kal Niranjan (Negative Power): “This mind is like an intoxicated elephant;” The Repetition of God’s Name; Meditation, Prayers of Guru Kabir; and, closing thoughts.
Says Kabir:
“One after another,
Many births I took;
Many paths I followed
To escape this relentless cycle.
Only when I made my mind still
Did I obtain the state
Of lasting repose.” 
— Kabir, the Weaver of God’s Name
“Meditation will remove all your burdens; meditation upon Ram’s [God’s] name will become your support.” 
— Guru Kabir
“Just as the lotus blooms
after getting the light of the sun,
in the same way the sufferings of the souls
from ages and ages are finished
after having darshan [vision]
of Sat Purush [True Eternal Being, God].” 
— Anurag Sagar
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The Original Jesus Movement (Ebionites) Recognized Those in India Who Worship the One God, are Vegetarians, and Follow the Same Peaceful Ethical Precepts — Spiritual Awakening Radio @ Youtube:
The Gospel of THOMAS and Initiation Into the Mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens, also Kirpal Singh on Initiation — What No Eye Has Seen, What No Ear Has Heard Today on Spiritual Awakening Radio @ Youtube:
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