The Rule About Not Sharing One’s Inner Experiences in Sant Mat, by James Bean

The Rule About Not Sharing One’s Inner Experiences in Sant Mat, by James Bean
Generally the sharing of inner mystical experiences isn’t done in Sant Mat. That’s true in all branches of Sant Mat. The view is that doing so would add much contamination, beliefs, pressures, expectations. The idea is to keep one’s own inner life pure without mental baggage about what “should” or shouldn’t be experienced, and for people to not be in competition with one another. One person’s experience isn’t necessarily identical to someone else’s as we are all unique individuals somewhere along the Path of Inner Space and just need to focus on our own authentic experience. And there’s also the issue of possible phantasmagoria being generated by the mind. The goal of the Masters in this Path of Sant Mat mysticism is for initiates to have genuine and spiritual experiences without the mind conjuring up images.


Seven Spiritual Principles of Sant Mat, Seven Teachings of Sant Mat, Requirements For Initiation, Presenting an Overview of This Path of the Masters

Seven Spiritual Principles of Sant Mat, Seven Teachings of Sant Mat, Requirements For Initiation, Presenting an Overview of This Path of the Masters
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A Brief Summary of the Teachings of Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters;
The Seven Teachings of Sant Mat:
The Seven Spiritual Principles of Sant Mat:
The Requirements for the Attainment of Liberation;
Requirements for Initiation in Sant Mat (Surat Shabd Yoga: The Inner Light and Sound of God, Inner Light and Sound Meditation):,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,24165052
The Five Precepts or Moral Requirements for Initiation (Cultivating Stillness and a Spiritual Way of Life);
Also, Vegetarianism, Veganism, and Sant Mat;
The Goal of Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation: Our Path Back to the Source;
The Six Stages of Inner Sound Meditation; and…
The Traveler of the Inner Subtle Path;
“Look at God within yourself, how ‘God is Light.’ For his Nature is a glorious, many-splendored Light. He manifests the Light of his Nature to those who love Him in all the worlds.” (John of Dalyatha, Syriac Mystic)
“Blessed are the souls who in today’s materialistic world have an inclination towards spirituality.” (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)
“In meditation, the true condition of the soul is exposed, and God can reveal our failings in order to heal and bless us… If we spend more time in meditation, we can recognize the relationship between the visible and invisible world ever more distinctly and clearly.” (Wisdom of the Sadhu, The Teachings of Sundar Singh)
The Yoga of Sound, Exploring Sound Meditation (Auditory Mysticism, Surat Shabd Yoga) in the Sacred Texts of the Great World Religions, Gnostic Traditions, and the Path of the Masters:
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God is the Ocean of Love, and Souls are Drops from this Ocean. 
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The Traveler of the Inner Subtle Path, by Swami Vyasanand

The Traveler of the Inner Subtle Path, by Swami Vyasanand
Those who are constantly immersed in devotion to the Divine are aligned with the truth. Those souls immersed in the elixir of truth and devotion are known as Sants (variably described as mystics, prophets, and masters). Sants focus on spiritual qualities and are seers of the reality of consciousness; they taste the Divine joy. The path followed by all the Sants and their teachings is given the name “Santmat” (it is also spelled as Sant Mat).

From times immemorial, numerous Sants have appeared on earth. These Sants were born in different countries and social classes; spoke different languages; and were of different gender and ethnicities. However, the underlying principle or the truth of their teachings has always been essentially one. In spite of the variants in their origins, the goal of Sants is one: realization of the Divine and the attainment of the state of absolute joy and peace. Having considered the perennial wisdom found in their teachings, we can say with certainty that the underlying teachings of Sants are essentially in agreement.
The question arises: What is this essential teaching? The answer is: The Divine Reality is one and the path to realize that Reality is within each of us. The path is not found in the nine gates (i.e. through the sensory organs) of the body but only through the tenth gate (the third eye or the spiritual eye). The body cannot tread this path — only the inner consciousness along with the mind, intellect, and ego principle can travel this path. However, during the last and final stages of the inner spiritual path, the conscious soul alone journeys and reaches the Divine. This path is very subtle. Sant Mehi described it as being, “more subtle than even the point of the needle.” Sants unanimously agree that the path to the Divine can be taken up by any human being belonging to any caste, social status, gender, ethnicity or country.
To say that the path to the Divine can only be accessed by individuals with certain specific abilities or aptitudes is against the teachings of the scriptures and Sants. The great sage Veda Vyasa says, “Even a man or woman of lower caste, if they have in their hearts the desire to follow the spiritual path, they will reach the highest states through the path of meditation.” Further, “If an opportunity to receive knowledge from the person of any caste, including the lowest caste, arises, true seekers must accept it with faith. An individual who maintains a firm conviction in the teaching goes beyond the death (also ignorance).”
Many Sants like Sant Tulsi Das, Goswami Lakshminath Paramhans, Sant Kabir, Sahib Surdas Ji, Sant Tukaram Ji, and Shri Maharshi Mehi unanimously pronounce that all human beings — irrespective of gender, age, occupation, and race — have an equal right to follow the inner path to the Divine. This view is verifiable by the fact that many Sants and sages, including Sant Kabir, Sant Ravidas, Sant Garibdas were born in ‘lower castes’ and in the lower strata of their society. Many ancient sages like Vyasa and Narada also have unusual births. Sant Tulsidas emphasizes that physical conditions, including birth in lower caste, poverty, and a lack of bodily beauty do not inhibit the progress of the soul. Sants declare that we are all children of one Supreme Being, God. This Divine Being is all compassionate and generous and does not have preference for any persons on the basis of their birth, class, or gender. However, there are certain disciplines all seekers must follow in order to tread this inner path to realize the Divine.
According to Maharshi Mehi, “There are a number of necessary observances required to tread the spiritual path.”
Observances: Complete faith in one Divine Being, determination to realize the Divine within, service to the guru, satsang (association of the Sants and the study of scriptures), and steadfast meditation. Prohibitions: Use of intoxicants, practice of adultery, lying, violence (causing suffering to other beings, eating the flesh of animals), and stealing.
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7 Teachings of Sant Mat and the Seven Spiritual Principles of Sant Mat

7 Teachings of Sant Mat and the Seven Spiritual Principles of Sant Mat

7 Teachings of Sant Mat

1. God is Real.

2. God is Love, the Ocean of Love and Compassion.

3. All of the world scriptures teach about the same manifestation of God as inner mystical Light and Sound.

4. Our true identity is soul, the Self. Soul is part of God and therefore is, like God, pure love.

5. During this human existence we have an opportunity to experience God.

6. As we experience communing with God’s love during meditation — Surat Shabd Yoga — we can rise above body-consciousness and explore Inner Space, the “Kingdom of the Heavens” that are within us. “We travel back from the realm of Darkness to the realm of Light, from the Light to divine Sound, and from the realm of Sound to the Soundless State [Anami, Radhaswami, Anadi Purush, Ram].” (Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj) The drop merges back into the Ocean of Love.

7. As we get initiated into the Mysteries of the Spirit by a Living Teacher (Master, Sant Satguru), the purpose of our life is fulfilled. Reuniting with God is our reason to be here: “It was for the sake of the God-conscious beings that our True Lord created this earth, and began this play of death and birth”. (“Adi Granth”) Guru Kabir says: “For millions of years you have slept. This morning, will you not wake?”.

Seven Spiritual Principles of Sant Mat

The Following Principles Below are Recited Daily by Some in India:

1. Ultimate Reality is beyond any beginning or end, infinite, beyond birth, beyond the senses, all-pervading yet even beyond pervasiveness. It must, therefore, be understood as the Supreme Being. This Essential Element is known in Santmat [the Teachings of the Saints] as the Lord of All and is the foundation of all things. This Being is beyond both the inanimate and animate aspects of nature. It is without qualities and beyond qualities. Its nature is infinite, imperishable, all-powerful. It is beyond time and space, beyond sound and beyond form (Nirguna). It is the One without a second. The Supreme Being is beyond the scope of the mind, the intellect and the senses. This entire universe is powered by the energy of this Being. This Being is not human. It is not manifested in physical form. It has existence beyond the illusion of maya [illusion], and there is nothing that exists outside of it. It is the Being which is eternal and is in existence from the beginning. Santmat considers this Being to be the Divine Reality, and this [knowing or merging with] this Being is the goal of all spirituality.

2. The individual soul is an inseparable part of the Supreme Being.

3. The physical world of nature was created. It has an origin and an end.

4. The individual soul (jiva), bound by illusion (maya), remains in the cycle of death and birth. This is the cause of one’s suffering. In order to escape from this cycle of death and birth we must experience realization of this Supreme Being.

5. By practicing devotion through these four techniques: Manas Japa (Simran, recitation of a divine name or names), Manas Dhyana (Dhyan, focus on the divine form), Dristi Sadhana (Yoga of Inner Light, Inner Seeing, Inner Light Meditation, focus on the Infinitesimal Point), and Nadanusandhana Yoga (Surat Shabd Yoga, concentration on the inner divine Sounds) — the practitioner consecutively transcends the realms of darkness, Light, and Sound which cloak the Supreme Truth — the Divine Reality. Only in a human body an individual soul is able to achieve unity with the Divine. [In other forms of existence, animal, etc…, it is not possible to tread the spiritual path.]

6. Lying, stealing, intake of intoxicating substances, adultery, and violence (including harming other beings) are the five sins to be avoided. Eating meat or fish is also considered to be a form of violence and should be avoided. The aspirants of Santmat must abstain from these vices.*

(* Note: In Buddhism and other Eastern Religions (Jainism, Taoism, Hinduism) these five abstinences are known as the Panch Shila — “The Five Precepts”.)

7. The following are considered to be the requirements for the attainment liberation: (A) Trust and belief in God; (B) Commitment to seek the Divine within; (C) Devotion and service to a Satguru — spiritual Master; (D) Satsang, listening to the teaching and spiritual discourse including study of the Teaching of the Saints and the scriptures; and (E) Dhyana, diligent meditation practice. (“Padavali of Maharshi Mehi”, also quoted in, “Harmony Of All Religions”)

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