Soami Bagh Radhasoami Books

Soami Bagh Radhasoami Books
A few new books are at the Soami Bagh/Maheshwari website:   
Click “library”, then “books”. 
There are 24 pages in all, a mix of Hindi and English books.
That website is back and I see a few new books have been added. This is the same source in Agra that has published all the Maheshwari books over the years, and Sar Bachan volumes (see pages 21 & 22), etc… There’s one fairly good Tulsi Sahib book they’ve published (excerpts of Ghat Ramayan and Shabdavali/hymns), most of the Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram volumes, Prem Patra, Prem Bani, Radhasoami Mat Prakash, etc…
Unfortunately, Jugat Prakash, a book of meditation techniques for initiates by Huzur Maharaj, and Elucidation of the Jap Ji — Soamiji’s Commentary on the Jap Ji/Morning Prayer of Guru Nanak, though listed are not actually there (“404, file or directory not found”).
The Last Utterances of Soamiji Maharaj:
On page 3 of this library, in English there is, Bhakti-Prem, 2018, compiled by Rita Maheshwari.
Also check out Bhaktmal of The Radhasoami Faith, by Sant Das Maheshwari. That’s a valuable book about the history, including the episode of documents being thrown down Soami Ji’s well:
There is a Biography of Buaji Maharaj by Nirmal Das Maheshwari, and, 
Biography of Radha Ji Maharaj, by Nirmal Das Maheshwari, both on page 5.
Gadhat (MENDING AND REFORMATION), 2018, by Rita Maheshwari:
Radhasoami Faith, A brief Introduction, 2018, by Rita Maheshwari:   
Click “library”, then “books”.



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