PODCAST: Mystic Poetry, Music & Teachings of Sant Tulsi Sahib — Spiritual Awakening Radio

PODCAST: Mystic Poetry, Music & Teachings of Sant Tulsi Sahib — Spiritual Awakening Radio

“The teachings of all Saints are essentially the same. They speak of the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ which is within. They show the path and impart instructions to attain it. They do not claim to teach something new or different from what other Saints have taught. Tulsi Sahab declared that he was giving the same teachings as those of Kabir Sahab, Nanak Sahab, Dadu Sahab and other Saints. Tulsi Sahab, for the first time, used the expression ‘Sant Mat’ or ‘the teachings of Saints’ to stress the basic unity of the teachings of all Saints.” (From the entry for Sant Tulsi Sahib in, Radhasoami White Paper on the Religion of Sants and Radhasoami Faith, published in Agra)
“Within This Body” — Mystic-Poem of Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras
Within this body breathes the secret essence. Within this body beats the heart of the Vedas.
Within this body shines the entire Universe, so the saints say.
Hermits, ascetics, celibates all are lost seeking Him in endless guises.
Seers and sages perfectly parrot the scriptures and holy books, blinded by knowledge.
Their pilgrimage, and fasting, and striving but delude
Despite their perfect practice, they discover no destination.
Only the Saints who know the body’s heart have attained the Ultimate, O Tulsi.
Realize this, and you’ve found your freedom (while teachers trapped in tradition know only the mirage in the mirror).
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