A Very Sufi-like Poem by a Sant: Ghazal of Sant Tulsi Sahib

A Very Sufi-like Poem by a Sant: Ghazal of Sant Tulsi Sahib

Hear my words O Taqi, stay focused on the Satguru who has assisted you.

Do not succumb to negligence for this path if you desire to see the splendor of your Beloved.

His grace will guide you into His very presence, free of all dangers or fears along the way.

Go directly to your destination, for the Master has revealed to you his instructions.

Rumi, Shams, Mansur and Sarmad arrived. By this very path, and with firm resolve, they reached their goal.

Arduous is the way to the destination of love, but reaching there is not difficult. The one who resolves difficulties is with you and has given you his hand.

Says Tulsi, Hear me O Taqi, the inner secret is unlike anything you have known before. Keep it safe in your heart, for it focuses you on the Most High [God].


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