The Voice of the Soul Speaking Though All Poet-Mystics


I once gave a tape to a friend containing some of my readings from the poetry of Rumi, Kabir, Dadu, Tukarama, Hafiz, and several other great souls. After listening to this recording they said, “it was as if it is the same voice or person speaking through all these Masters of history” even though they are often separated by many centuries, great distances, and spoke many different languages. I pondered this for awhile and it struck me that she was indeed correct; there really is one voice speaking through all these devotees of Bhakti. Lovers of the Beloved all speak with the same “accent” of love. When we encounter outpourings of the heart of such magnitude, we really are hearing the Voice of the soul in it’s blissful communion with the Beloved, the Oversoul.

— James


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