“The Sound possesses a quality that attracts the attention of the listener. Every central sound flows from the highest realm downward to the lower realm and then directly connects to the center of that realm. The aspirant enters the process by attending to the Sound of the gross realm, centering, and then following that Sound as it leads to the realm above, which is the subtle realm. Upon reaching the subtle realm, the Sound of the causal realm is experienced. This Sound will eventually draw the practitioner from the Subtle to the Causal realm. And so the aspirant proceeds until reaching the Highest realm. Thus, the practitioner progressively grasps increasingly subtler and more powerful inner Sounds and thereby progresses to the realm immediately higher.

“In the final stages of this practice, the aspirant goes beyond the veil of material creation and reaches the realm of Kaivalya (a state of absolute freedom from conditioned existence). This is where the soul comes to experience God. But even in this realm there is a thin veil, and complete union with God is not yet possible. Upon acquiring the final essential Sound in Kaivalya, the soul ascends upward to the Nihshabad (Absolute Soundless State, a state of Absolute Unity). There the soul becomes one with God.”

— Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, Harmony of All Religions

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