Meditation and Mysticism For Beginners — Learning the Meditation Practice of Sant Mat — Initiation Into the Mysteries

“This mysterious Path is described in the holy books, but it cannot be found simply by the study of sacred texts. It is found by the grace and guidance of an Accomplished Teacher.” (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)

In April there will be an opportunity to receive initiation into Sant Mat Meditation: Inner Light and Sound. Anyone interested in exploring this possibility, reply back. (Use the “Ask” feature at Tumblr, or my email address:

James[‘at’]SpiritualAwakeningRadio[‘dot’]com )

Note: This kind of instruction and meditation is freely given. There is no cost involved.

To read about the ethical requirements for learning the meditation practice, at either my web page or the Sant Mat Facebook Page, scroll down to “THE ETHICAL FOUNDATION OF SANT MAT — AHIMSA VALUES — THE FIVE PRECEPTS”. Those pages provide a good introduction to this ancient spiritual path from India called Sant Mat (“The Path of the Masters”):

Also see the chapter on Sant Mat in the book, Harmony Of All Religions, by Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj — PDF File:

PDFs of the other chapters of, Harmony Of All Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism and Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism, are available at this web page:

“Spiritual seeking has the not-so-modest goal of revealing nothing less than the Divine, the Truth or Ultimate Reality. For far less modest goals than this we would not dare attempt their achievement without a qualified teacher. Our universities and the degrees they confer bear witness to this fact. For example, we would never attempt to acquire the skills of a professional airline pilot with mere reading, nor would we dare take instructions from someone who himself had never flown. Common sense requires that we approach subjects such as aviation or any number of other technical subjects with the help of skillful teachers and tried and true curricula. Why then would we assume that the highest and arguably the most difficult of all goals could be achieved without a Teacher or Guide?” (Don Howard)

“Without a Master all scriptures are like the whispering of ghosts.” (Sant Tukarama)

Rumi: “If you seek to know God, sit at the feet of the Saints”.

“When I arrived, I opened a path and taught people about the Way of Passage for those who are chosen and solitary, who have known the Father and have pursued Truth.” (Yeshua, Gnostic Gospel found in Egypt known as “Dialogue of the Savior”)

“Santmat is not confined to the beliefs, rituals, and dogmas of any specific religions. Being universal in nature it embraces the Truths found in most of the world’s sacred texts and religious traditions, but does not advocate any specific religion. Sant Mat emphasizes the universal thread running through all the various traditions.” (Veena Howard)

“The attainment of ultimate spiritual Peace and supreme Joy within oneself is the ultimate goal of Santmat as described by Maharishi Mehi and other great sages. Although this path is not content with meager goals, it is extremely easy to understand and practice. Progress is certain, although, for most, eager and persistent effort is required.” (Veena Howard)

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