Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast: Betska K-Burr, author of, The “God” in Coaching

Betska K-Burr, author of, The “God” in Coaching — The Key to a Happy Life: http://TheGodInCoaching.com/ — a book revealing “step by step how loving energy, compassion and wisdom can replace negativity, apathy and unhealthy habits or thought patterns to help facilitate a global awakening of compassion and loving kindness based in Ahimsa, cooperation and equality. PCMK™ Coaching techniques are designed to nurture positive thinking to create a more peaceful and loving world. Readers are invited to adapt to a vegan life style and find a method of meditation that is comfortable for them to help provide a legacy of lasting peace for children of all species to co-exist on the planet free of unnecessary killing and violence. Read, The “God” in Coaching — The Key to a Happy Life, and reclaim the “God within you”, Krishna Love, Buddha Nature, or Christ Consciousness to achieve inner peace, outer harmony and happiness in your life.”

Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast — Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Stream or Download [via HealthyLife.net]:


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