“If anyone looses their way on a dark night in the jungle and if on account of the sky being overcast with clouds, there be no light of any kind from the moon, the stars and lightning and there may be no torches, etc…, that person can reach a nearby village by listening for sound and following the direction from which the voices of the people emanate.

“The object of making the Chaitanya Spirit [life, energy, consciousness] contact the Chaitanya Shabda [Sound Current, Audible Life Stream] is that the Spirit which is the Current of Shabda should be turned backward towards its Original Abode with the help of the Sound Current [the Yoga or Meditation of Inner Sound]. There is nothing which can compare with Sound for providing Light and showing the way in darkness. 

“This Sound of Anhad Shabda [Unstruck Melody] which fills the being of everyone, and which always resounds without the help of a tongue or any other instrument, comes from the Highest Region, i.e. from the Abode of the Supreme Being, and stops at every Region on the way and again proceeds from there with the Current issuing forth from that Region, and is thus present in the entire creation all along from the topmost region down to the lowest region in a slightly modified form, and pervades the human body. 

“If anybody finds out the secret of this Sound, i.e. finds out the details of the Sound of different regions from one who knows the secret and, listening to it with one’s full attention, starts on the path beginning from the eyes [third eye center, ajna chakra], they would everyday get nearer and nearer to the Region from which that Sound is coming, and from there would contact the second Sound and proceed. And thus, by traversing all the stages on the path, they would one day reach the Region of the Supreme Being Merciful Radhasoami. 

“The Supreme Being is Formless and Incorporeal. Nobody can contemplate on Him in any way but, with the help of the Shabda which has emanated from the Feet of the Supreme Being, the devotee can reach there, because Shabda is the first manifestation and indication of that Supreme Being, and just as the Supreme Being is Formless, the Shabda is also Formless but it gives very great help during contemplation, i.e. it helps the devotee to reach the Deity.”

— Huzur Maharaj, Radhasoami Mat Sandesh


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