Devotional Practices in Sant Mat Mysticism

“It should be noted that all the following activities are included in devotional practices (Abhyas):
(1) Sumiran [Simran: Repetition of the Holy Name];
(2) Sumiran and Dhyan [Repetition of the Holy Name along with Contemplation of the Holy Form];
(3) Bhajan [Listening to the Sound Current].
(4) Recitation of holy books or listening to their recital in Satsang intelligently;
(5) Discussing the principles of the Radhasoami Faith or listening to such discussion; 
(6) Thinking about and reflecting on matters pertaining to the Radhasoami Faith and its practices and pondering them; and
(7) Examining the ways of one’s mind and senses daily, keeping them under control as far as possible.” 
(Huzur Maharaj, Prem Patra Radhasoami, Agra)

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