“The Satguru pulled me up into the Gagan [Mystic  Sky, Firmament]. On hearing the Shabda [Sound Current] my spirit was emancipated, O my Compassionate Sat Purusha [True, Eternal Original Being, God]! He showered His Grace and embraced me; by taking shelter in His Holy Feet I came under His protection. Knowledge of my countless past lives was revealed, and the cycle of births and deaths was now eradicated. I obtained the wealth of unlimited love and faith, and with victory over matter, I recognized the Shabda [Sound Current] of Trikuti [Three Worlds, Causal Plane]. On hearing this Shabda I was enabled to hear the Shabda of Sat Lok [True, Eternal, Timeless, Spiritual Ream]. The spirit then proceeded further and came into contact with the Sound coming from Its Nij Dham (Original Abode). How can I adequately praise the majestic glory of Merciful Radhasoami [the Lord of the Soul] Who is all-knowing?” (Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Poetry, from, Prem bhari meri ghat ki gagaria….) 


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