Mystic Verses of Mirabai

Days of good fortune are few and short-lived, so make the most of them celebrating Holi, the festival of colours (in the right way).

Drum beats, produced without the use of (tapping of) hands, resound and uncountable notes (Anhad Naad) reverberate inside.

All the thirty-six musical notes are heard produced without voice (vocal cord); the divine Melody echoes in all the pores of the body.

Solution of saffron (yellow colour) in the form of virtuosity and contentment is sprayed by means of the colour gun (syringe) of love and affection.

The inner sky has been coloured red (red colour is seen) as if the coloured powder has been sprinkled all over; countless hues have been raining torrentially (hinting at the sighting of divine Light).

(Mirabai – Translated by Pravesh K. Singh)


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