The Art Of Seeing, by Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj

“What is the use of beautiful eyes when you do not understand the art of seeing? Just as a flower is beautiful, without a fragrant scent it is not so appealing. Sant Paltu Sahab says: ‘What is the use of decorating your eyes if you do not know the art of seeing’? By ‘art of seeing’ he is not talking about how to see beautiful scenery or magnificent sights. But rather he is referring to the practitioner (sadhak) on the spiritual journey. He is referring to the sadhana (spiritual/meditation practices) which allows one to develop the art of seeing. …. If we can not see the Unseen then we are not using our vision to the fullest extent possible. What kind of eyes are we speaking about here? Are we talking about the physical eyes composed of flesh? No. Sant Kabir says you can not see the celestial subtle realm with these physical eyes of the flesh. Rather, we must acquire the inner eyes — the eyes of the soul. …. Nobody can see the subtle celestial realm by looking into this physical world, only by looking within using the art of seeing can we understand the celestial. Therefore one must turn inward to understand this Formless Atman, the inner Self.” 


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