Transforming Ordinary Consciousness into Spiritual Consciousness — from Wakeful-sleep to God-realization

“The Merciful Supreme Being and Sant Satguru reveal to their true parmarthi jivas [spiritual souls, initiates, disciples, chelas] that they are Chaitanya [Spirit, Consciousness], are the Ansas [particles, rays, emanations] of the Supreme Being. They should therefore establish their connection with their Father-Mother who is the Supreme Chaitanya and make this connection much more intimate, so that they may attain His Region i.e. the Realm of Pure Spirit, where there is no Maya [illusion], and attain the joy and bliss of His Darshan [divine Vision]. People have been advised to perform the practices of Surat Shabda Yoga Marg [the way of inner Light and Sound Meditation]. The practice of Surat Shabda Yoga, which has been mercifully revealed by the Saints in this age, is beneficial for all jivas [souls]. The Spirit can reach the Original Home, beyond the limits of Maya. The current, which is the current of the Spirit and also the current of Shabda, is the current of the Name. The current of the mind and the spirit which is flowing outward and downward towards the enjoyments of the world and the objects of Maya should be turned away from these and made to ascend upward within oneself.” (Prabha Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Sanskrit, DEI, Agra [Abstract of Presentation Papers], from, “Spiritual Consciousness Studies” — Spircon 2010, Agra)


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