“Practice the repetition of the True Name, which alone is of value (sumiru Sat Naam niju kam hai jahi te)……Have kindness in your heart, look with compassion……Being detached, brush aside all worldly delusions, and take refuge under the Satguru’s holy feet, which is the kingdom of eternal bliss…..Be firmly absorbed in contemplation, which alone is of value. Thereby the inner Lotus will blossom, Nectar will flow, and the inner Sky will resound with Melody, hearing which, Kal [illusion, god of time and death] will flee away. There the dazzling Light will shine and the true Sound will resound, which will destroy heavy sins [karma], and place a divine canopy over your head.” (Shabd/Hymn/Mystic-Verses of Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar)


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