In Search of the Perfect Veggie or Vegan Burger

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Vegan Food Review: Zen Patties,

from ecoVegan:

If you’re committed to following a vegan diet (no animal products whatsoever) or lacto-vegetarian diet (no meat or eggs), over the years it’s likely you’ve developed the habit of reading the labels of various food products and nutritional supplements in a noble attempt to avoid undesirable, even surprising ingredients. You never know what you might find!

Some Not-So-Healthy Examples

1) Though veggie caps have been around for awhile now, even at this late date, some vitamin and antioxidant capsules are still made of gelatin (“derived from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones” – Wikipedia).

2) Often veggie burgers sold in the health food isle of grocery stores contain some eggs or egg-whites — a real disappointment if you’re trying to avoid eggs.

3) If a company sells both meat and what they are calling “vegan” food products, and these all come from the same processing plant, vegans have discovered that cross-contamination with meat can be a very real concern, and those items might-not-be quite-so-vegan after all.

I was very glad not long ago to learn about ecoVegan, a purely vegan company created-by-and-for those following a strictly vegan diet. As they say at their website: “ecoVegan is a vegan owned and run company established by a team of compassionate and environmentally‐aware individuals.” They currently have four products available in the US: Zen Patties, Ocean’s Delight, Orientals Joy, and Spicy Bits, which can be directly ordered from ecoVegan, from Vegan Essentials or other vegan venues you might already be acquainted with. All very nice, containing only non-GMO wheat and non-GMO soy, and one hundred percent free of animal ingredients: no cheese, no rennet, no traces of meat products, and no eggs. Always being in search of the perfect vegan burger, Zen Patties are my favorite. Instead of being the typical dry burger, these arrive sealed in their own juices, which really adds to the flavor, a satisfying experience. I also find them to be filling, energizing, a robust protein source with just the right balance of soy and wheat, a smart, healthy meat alternative.

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