The guru’s word is a stairway to heaven. The heart is Prayag* where sweet love flows. I wandered through the cosmos in search of the treasure but found it within me.

Sant Namdev

*Note: “Prayag” is the ancient name for the city of Allahabad. In Prayag the river Yamuna meets the Ganga. Another river, called the Sarasvati, is also said to meet the Ganga here, although it remains invisible and is believed to follow a subterranean path. The confluence (Triveni) of these three rivers is a very holy site, and millions go to bathe there. In Sant literature Prayag or Triveni is the name for the confluence of three mystic channels in the body, called ida, pingala and susumna. This was an important concept in Tantrik yoga and in Nath lore and it greatly influenced the Sants.


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