“Without love, there is no spiritual path.
The path lives in love.

“Without love there can be no devotion and wisdom.
With love arisen, they can be experienced
with the Master’s grace.
With intensification of love, one comes in contact
with the True Sound,
And like a lotus in water, abides in its peace and bliss.

“Blessed is the eye which is permeated with love.
Without love it is like a pebble or stone.
Like a gardener without a garden,
the eye remains empty without love.
What is the state of a human being without love?
He is like one who is denied all delicacies,
and whose mouth is filled only with dust.
Without love one does not find the flow
of the Sound Current.
But when the flower of love blossoms,
its fragrance is praised by all.

“The technique of love is truly the root of spirituality.
Follow this technique as imparted by the Master.
When with his grace the inner lamp is lighted,
The true Sound, the support of all, comes to sight.”
— Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar (Sant Mat Tradition of India)

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