When wisdom dawns on you, awakening the desire to understand the mystery of your soul, don’t put it off; retire to the inner sanctum sanctorum of silent peace where-in all great souls have entered, by the gate of meditation, and found wisdom and emancipation. 

The thirst for understanding can be quenched only by drinking new wisdom daily from the well of discrimination. The burning desires of incarnations are alleviated only by soothing dews of peace, collected in the deep bowl of solitude. Moses, Jesus, you and I, all beings, can find the ever-sought-for solace in the silence of the soul.

Everyone who seeks success, even as great men have sought it and found fulfillment, should retire often into the silence and introspect on his problems. By discrimination and meditation he can make his mind receptive to the intuitive guidance of the soul, and plan his life accordingly. Problems that have seemed insoluble will unravel their mysteries in the nook of solitary thoughtfulness.

– Paramahansa Yogananda

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