Practice Bindu-Dhyana everyday like a Chatak bird,

Glimpsing the luminous symmetry of God uninterruptedly,

Enter into the solar sphere immediately;

The Quintessential One known as Raam-Naam is the true voice or Sound, 

It emanates from its place of origin and flows down the universes and the solid mass;

Merging Surat [the attention of the soul] with the Quintessential One, meet your Lord,

And eliminate the cycle of birth and death;

Without devotion to one’s Guru and service to the sages, nothing fructifies;

So always repeat the name of Guru and concentrate on his lotus-feet,

With concentration on Bindu, the luminous star emerges, 

And then the Sun and the Moon appear,

Along with these the currents without being impaired Sounds are heard,

The Sounds gather — concentrate at a point between the two eyebrows,

And at this point only, the spiritual aspirant witnesses and hears all the Sounds;

All praise to the Satguru who has acquainted Mehi with these applications,

You are magnificent, O my competent Guru!

I seek your shelter day and night, says Mehi. (Maharshi Mehi)


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