Spirituality Part of Daily Life: This faith, loyalty and dedication precisely are the proof of one’s honesty. We should forsake neither three times meditation a day nor satsang (company of noble people). Those who develop the habit of attending satsang daily, feel as if they have committed some crime if they somehow miss satsang, even for a single day. Similar is the state of those who practice meditation regularly. If they don’t sit in meditation as scheduled, they feel restless as if something really important has gone amiss, feel bereft of mental peace. Another thing is that only they who meditate regularly find concentration and genuine pleasure in it. Which is why, our Guru Maharaj (Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj) would say, “Attend satsang daily, and meditate daily as well”. If you could fix and strictly observe a particular routine for meditation, that would be even better. Get up at 3 AM, also known as ‘Brahma Muhurta’. There is no disturbance at this hour. Ambiance, also is perfectly calm. This is the best time for meditation.

Swami Harinandan Baba


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