The Secret of Life: Contained Within This Human Form Are All the Portals and Inner Regions of the Cosmos

Having heard the plight of the devotee, the All-Merciful Supreme Lord spoke, thus showering torrents of Grace and draining away all pains and sufferings. Human life, with its unknown Secrets, is invaluable. Without knowing its Secrets, how may one realize its value?

Like an ignorant oil miller who did not know the value of the Philosopher’s stone, he keeps on weighing oil with the precious stone that he has in his possession. Similarly, without knowing the Secret, you have not valued the human form. You have remained entangled with flesh and bones and not understood the inner Reality. Just as the All (the Reservoir of Spirituality), brought the creation into existence, in a similar measure, the Spirit-Entity has created the human body.

Saints have explained for your benefit the Secret of the creation. There is the Pinda [physical planes/universes] and Brahmanda [Universal Mind Plane], and beyond is the Region of Saints. Each of these has six subdivisions. These are explained in detail by Saints. Chakras, Kamals and Padams [Centers, Lotuses, Ganglions of various regions] are the names given to these only. This human body has within itself the images of all the regions or levels of creation. Contact with these inner regions is established when the corresponding portals are opened.

As the good fortune awakens, all these Secret Gateways get opened. The Spirit-Entity gets released naturally and rejoins its Original Source. Besides the human form, no other body provides this opportunity, (for the Spirit-Entity). It is after aimless wandering for crores of births that you have got it [sentient being, the human form]. The invaluable seeds of Bhakti [spiritual love and devotion] are sown by the Saint Incarnations. Apart from this ‘soil’ of the human frame, it cannot ‘sprout’ anywhere else. The path of traversing to the Original Abode that the Saints have revealed, cannot be traversed without residing in this human frame. 

Therefore, you should be alert and know the great value of this human body. You must realize the immense value of each breath of life that you take.

Now I tell the Secret of the mind that you have been given. This provides a connection between the Spirit and the body. 

The burden of the Adi Karma (original propensity to associate with physical matter) that you carry on your head — the currents of that burden would be falling on this mind now and then.

Call mind a gateway or comprehend it as a pipeline, through which the impurity of Adi Karma would flow out and get emptied. 

Without associating with the mind, one cannot reside in the body. Without associating these with the Spirit, the Karmas would not get annihilated.

Without the Karmas being annihilated, one cannot reach the Original Abode. Being sold away in the ‘Bazaar of the God of Death’ [Kal, Demiurge], you would have to suffer misery everyday. 

Radhasoami Dayal [the Compassionate Lord of the Soul] reveals, opening up the essential Secret to you, surrender to the Holy Feet to annihilate all the ailments of your body and soul. 

From, Prem Bani Radhaswami: Shabd (Hymn) of Huzur Maharaj


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