“In the inner realms of being, there is a shower of beautiful shimmering rays of Light, and also the rain of divine nectar of divine Sound. In these two forms is found the true divine elixir within. There has always been a talk of this nectar in the myths and legends, but no one has seen this nectar. What is this true elixir?

“Guru Nanak says:

‘Those who follow the True Guide (Satguru) find the nectar in the form of Divine Sound.’

“Guru Nanak tells us that one must seek this inner Light, this inner Sound, and this nectar through the following technique:

‘In each heart the Divine resides hidden; each heart is permeated with divine Light.

‘By intense focus one is able to break the door open and reach the Realm of the Divine. By the grace of God the door shatters, and the mind becomes immersed in the sweet drizzle of divine Sound.

‘By focusing on the divine Sound (Shabda) the consciousness goes beyond the realm of death and rebirth.’

“While journeying within, the seeker at first experiences the Anahat, the divine vibrating Sound, and then the Anahat Sound, the transcendental un-struck Sound which reverberates in the depth of the soul. This is also known as Omkar. Through Omkar the entire creation came into being.

“The tenth Guru, Gobind Singh sings the praise of the divine Sound:

‘OM is the Sound of the beginning. Through this Sound the whole world, the earth and the sky, came into existence.’

“It is said in the Prana Sagali:

‘The Sound is the essential essence of the world. This (Shabda) Sound reverberates in the heart of each person, proclaims Guru Nanak.’

“Those seekers who can experience this Sound find that it takes them to the Divine Realm. In this way of meeting God, the inner self finds true peace. Therefore, aspirants should meditate on the words of the guru and should abandon the ego — this is the path to liberation.”

— Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, Harmony Of All Religions, from Chapter 6: Sikhism: http://www.spiritualawakeningradio.com/Harmony.html  


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