How Karma Operates (from the Essays on the Bijak of Kabir)
By Dr. Jagessar Das
“If we wish good things to happen, we have to do good things. We cannot have anger, hate, greed, violence, egoism, lust, jealousy and evil intentions and expect good results. Yet all people expect good things to happen to them, even when they display all the bad and negative behaviour. It simply will not happen. So the violence occurring in the world simply feeds itself in a self-perpetuating manner, as does all negative activities. Good and positive activities will also perpetuate themselves. Bad things in the world will cease only when they are replaced with good, and sufficient time is allowed for the negative karmas to work themselves out in peoples’ lives. This may take several lifetimes, but the start has to be made, otherwise there will be no progress in the positive direction. The good must be in thoughts, words and deeds. It all boils down to the fact that good will not produce bad, and bad will not produce good.
“Considering the above, how do we decide what is good and what is bad? Different people can have different interpretations of good and bad. We give ‘value’, whether negative of positive, to everything in life. Whatever brings happiness, comfort, self-esteem, respect, enjoyment and good health we say is good. Whatever brings suffering, stress, depression, anxiety and illness we say is bad. We mold our behaviour according to the ‘value’ we give to things, and according to our behaviour, we reap the fitting results, good or bad.
“How do we change our behaviour? First, we need to assess our actions in thoughts, words and deeds and decide if they are good or bad, and make the changes. This will require diligence and perseverance. Second, we need to seek the company of those who can guide us in the ‘good’ direction. Third, we need to get in touch with the ‘Source’ of our being. That Source is indescribably good, and has given the gift of life. That Source is with us and within us.”

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