Huzur Baba Sawan Singh: “When you sit [in meditation]… see that the mind is at rest and does not go out and unnecessarily think about other things. When, by Repetition of the Names [Simran] with attention fixed in the eye focus, you have become unconscious of the body below the eyes, then your attention will catch the Sound Current. Select the Sound resembling the church bell and discard all other sounds. Then slowly your soul will leave the body and collect in the eyes and become strong. Then fix your attention in the biggest star, so much that you forget everything else except the Sound and the star. Then this star will burst and you will see what is within and beyond. After crossing the star you will have to cross the sun and the moon [inner manifestations of light]. Then you will see the Form of the Master. When that Form becomes steady it will reply. This Form will reply to all of your enquiries and guide you to higher stages… These stars are of the first sky only, and Hindu philosophers will have spoken of seven skies [in universes of elevating degrees]… After crossing the star, the sun and the moon you will see that Form which will never leave you, not even for a moment.” (Enchanted Land)


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