“If one is whole, one will be filled with Light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness.” (Yeshua, Gospel of Thomas) “If your Eye be Single, your whole body shall be full of Light.” (Gospel of Matthew) “Thus as a result of recollecting all these things the impulses of the mind are extended from the sphere of material things towards those impulses which are without limit, that is to say, wonder at the New World, and the faculty of vision which belongs to contemplation [of God]. For when the vision of the mind is mingled with the Light…., all its impulses become infinite. For none of the Visionaries or ‘Gnostics’ is able to distinguish the identity of the mind as a result of the vision of that glorious Light that is seen ….. for all the innermost chambers of the heart are filled by that blessed Light….”. (Joseph the Visionary, Syriac Mystic quoted in, The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life, translated from the Aramaic by Sebastian Brock) “Blessed are those who have approached the divine Light,  who have entered it and been absorbed by it,  mingled in its brightness.” (Saint Symeon) 


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