The Book of Anurag Sagar (Ocean of Love), a Volume of the Kabir Sagar (Ocean of Kabir), one of several scriptures used by the Sant Dharam Das line of Masters

“‘Hazur [Baba Sawan Singh] one day told Seth Vasdev, whose car is always at Hazur’s disposal, that he should read Kabir Sahib’s Anurag Sagar (The Ocean of Intense Love). Hazur said that without studying it, one cannot fully understand the difference between Kal (the negative power) and Dayal Mat (the Path of the true and Merciful God), nor can one fully grasp the teachings of Sant Mat.’” (Rai Sahib Munshi Ram, “With the Three Masters”, Vol. 2, p.187)

The Russell Perkins translation of the Anurag Sagar (Ocean of Love) is the best one in English. At this page are PDF Files of it, along with several online MP3 satsang talks by Russell Perkins based on the Anurag Sagar: 

Anurag Sagar: “Any learned saint who thinks over my words and has love in his heart will achieve Nirvana.”

Anurag Sagar: The Coming of Kabir Sahib to Earth from Sat Lok [True Realm] to Initiate Dharam Das Ji

Satpurush [God] said: “…He went, but has not come back to the Country of Peace, Sat Lok. Sukrit [Dharam Das] went into the ocean of the world, and being trapped by Kal, he forgot. O Gyani [Kabir], go and awaken him so that the Path of Liberation may continue. In the home of Sukrit My forty-two essences will be incarnated. O Gyani, go quickly and cut the snares of Sukrit.”

Kabir said: “Bowing my Head to Him I started and, Dharam Das, now I have come to you……You are my very dear soul about whom I worried a lot. With the orders of Sat Purush I came to you, and made you remember the previous things. I gave you darshan only because of that. O Dharam Das! this time you recognized me. I will tell you Sat Purush’s Words: ‘Recognize the Shabda and have faith.’”

Dharam Das fell at the Feet, and from his eyes the tears came. He grew very excited and said, “O Lord, You have finished the deception of my soul.” Even after having all this explained to him he could not calm down. He was like a mother who, after being separated from her child, is reunited.

Anurag Sagar: “Oh Dharam Dass! If a person gives up all doubts, meditates regularly on Naam imparted by the Master, and behaves in the manner the saints behave and follows in their footsteps, that is, he listens to the Sound Current within himself, then he can tread the path of saints in search of the Highest Truth. There is a Sound Current coming from the Final Abode and calling you to come. So if you listen to that Call, then you can ascend like saints.”

After innumerable wanderings, the jiva [soul] got the noble human form. But alas! he is smitten here by the mind and senses. Sant Sat Guru admonishes him again and again, and reveals the Path of the Tenth Door. Radhasoami says, “Raise your surat [attention-faculty of the soul] to the gate of heaven.” (Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Poetry)

Anurag Sagar: “The glory of the Inconceivable is limitless — millions of suns and moons cannot vie with one hair. The radiance of one soul is equal to the light of sixteen suns.”

Anurag Sagar: “The support of the soul is in the head, and now I will tell you of the recognition of Shabda. One who gets connected with the Unrepeated Repetition gets to see the infinite-petaled lotus. When he reaches the astral door, he [ultimately] goes to Agam [Inaccessible] and Agochar [Unknowable] by way of the True Path. His inner Self — where Adi Purush resides — gets enlightened. Recognizing Him, the soul goes to Him — and He takes the soul to its origin. The soul is of the same essence as Sat Purush and is also called Jiva-Sohang. Dharam Das, you are a wise saint. Recognize that Shabda which gives

The method of meditating on the Essential Shabda (Naam) — The way of practicing Master’s Path


“Repeat the Unrepeated and with the grace of the perfect Master, test it. Keeping the wing of mind at rest, see the Shabda; and, climbing the mind, finish your Karma. Reach the place where the Sound is produced without tongue and the rosary beads are moved without hands: Merging into the Essential Shabda, go to the world of immortality.”

Anurag Sagar: “First of all I salute the Satguru, Who showed me the Inconceivable God Who, lighting the lamp of the Master’s Knowledge and opening the veil, made me have His darshan. With Master’s grace I have achieved Him, to achieve Whom, scholars worked very hard. His form cannot be described; His soul is the nectar in which I have absorbed myself.”

‎[Note: SATGURU Master of Truth or True Master. Exoterically, it refers to any Master, such as Kabir, who has descended from the fifth plane or Sat Lok, or who has merged with the Positive Power or Sat Purush. In this sense it is used throughout the Anurag Sagar as a synonym for Kabir. Esoterically, it refers to the Master Power manifesting on the level of Sat Purush, as distinguished from the same Power manifesting on the lower inner planes as the Radiant Form or Gurudev, and on the physical plane as the Guru….]

[Note: INCONCEIVABLE GOD Agam Purush. Refers specifically to the seventh inner plane, the first (partial) expression of the Absolute God or Anami.]

[Note: DARSHAN To have a look at, or to get a glimpse of, someone — usually someone holy. The darshan of a genuine Master is in itself a valuable spiritual practice.]

Anurag Sagar: “Only the connoisseur, who will test the Shabda and listen to the teachings with full attention, and within whom these teachings will dwell, only he will understand this. He within whom the Sun of Knowledge will manifest and remove the darkness of attachment — only he will understand this. I am telling you this Anurag Sagar (Ocean of Love) — only rare saints will understand. Without love one cannot achieve it.”

Anurag Sagar: “As long as the jiva [soul] doesn’t merge himself in Naam, he wanders in this world. When he contemplates on the Formless and merges into Naam, all his doubts go away. If he merges into Naam even for a moment, Its greatness cannot be described.”


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