The Teachings of Sant Dariya Sahib could be summarized as these three:

1. Right Gahani (Understanding)
2. Right Rahani (Living)
3. Simran (Mindfulness, Remembrance, Meditation)

The Sant has advocated two paths only for attainment of Nirvana:

1) The Path of Knowledge [Inner Experience], and,
2) The Path of Bhakti (Love and Devotion)
(Dariya Sahib Website)

“Be not intimidated by any fear. Hold fast to the Naam [The Light and Sound], which is always there to help.” (Sant Dariya Sahib)

“The Lord is my Beloved,
Who is close to the heart of the lover.
He is seen in each heart,
In each heart His palace is alike.
I have told you again and again,
He is seen close by, although seems far off.
The One who has built this house (body),
Dwells within it and is ever present there.”
(Sant Dariya Sahib)

The inner moon is the luminous lamp,
In the Light of which the lover finds the Beloved.

A great rejoicing goes on within the inner Garden,
And the sight of the dear Beloved pleases the heart.
One thus enters the Abode of the Lord,
And serves at his door as a true Saint.

Let your heart be the mirror,
Within it will be seen your unparalleled Home.
Your true Home is visible in this mirror,
And therein is seen a Refulgent Form.
(Sant Dariya Sahib)

“Those souls who remain in obedience
to these successors,
Shall cross the Ocean of the world.
How long will this line of succession continue?
Kindly relate it to us in your own words, asks Fakkar Das.
Listen mindfully, 0 Fakkar Das,
I explain this to you, says Dariya:
As long as the discipline of the Sound Current
is preserved unadulterated,
The line of succession will truly continue.
But when it is mixed with outer rituals
and display of external garbs,
My Sound Current will part company.
My Divine essence will depart,
And the souls will go into the mouth of Kal.
I shall then come to this world,
And shall proclaim the teaching
of the Sound Current again.
Proclaiming the teaching,
I shall found the line of succession.
And emancipating the souls,
I shall take them to my Abode.
For aeons I have been coming,
And imparting the teaching
of the true Sound Current.”
(Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar)

“In one of his books, Dariya claimed himself to be Saint Kabir in his previous birth.” (Dr. Dharmendra Brahma-chari Shastri, who published a research paper on the Sant for his Doctor of Philosophy thesis called “Sant Dariya Kabir of Bihar”) Many believe the great sage Sant Dariya Sahib was the reincarnation of Guru Kabir. In any case, it can be said that Sant Dariya Sahib helped keep the Path of Kabir (Sant Mat) alive during this age of Kali Yuga.


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