“The desire of an individual to be free from sufferings and to attain the happiness of absolute peace is naturally present in the hearts of all. The purpose of Sant Mat (Path of the Masters) is to provide a system which fulfills the desires of attaining absolute peace.” (Maharishi Mehi)

Mystic Verses (Padavali) of Maharshi Mehi

“O Lord! How will I be able to see you?
You are beyond all illusions,
But lingering in body and guided by my senses,
I always stay deluded;
My intelligence, mind and other senses catch only illusions,
And thus I remain totally immersed in them,
I can’t step-forward, forsaking these illusions,
Kindly shower your grace and deliver me from their captivating influences,
So that I may go beyond non-living nature;
Mehi prays that the Lord will share His grace,
So that he may behold Him and get a surfeit or
abundance of happiness.” (Maharshi Mehi)

Maharshi Mehi – The Bridge between Hindu Scriptures and Sant Mat:

Getting Off the Wheel

‎”The souls are all bound by illusions and rotating round the great wheel of birth and death. This state of the individual soul or souls is the root cause of all sufferings. In order to come out of these, the only remedy is devotion to God.

“Repeating the name in mind, concentrating upon it mentally and with the help of ‘Drishti Sadhan’ [Yoga of Light] and ‘Surat-Shabda-Yoga’ (Yoga of Sound), one has to pass beyond darkness, Light and Sounds to be at one with God and get ‘Moksha’ or liberation.

“Having unflinching faith in the Almighty and full dependence on Him and firm resolution to find Him within oneself, serving Guru selflessly, practicing Satsang and Dhyana Yoga – all these be considered as the real steps for getting salvation in this world.” (Maharishi Mehi)

Meditation Practice

“A comfortable asana (pose of sitting or posture) of keeping the head, neck and trunk straight and steady is a must for meditation. Without the ability to sit in such a steady posture for prolonged periods, meditation cannot be practiced.

“Meditation should be practiced being alert, without being drowsy, shutting the eyes comfortably and without turning the eyeballs or pressing them in any way.

“The practice of meditation should be an essential part of the practitioner’s daily routine. The preferred time of meditation is Brahma-Muhurta (very early in the morning: 3:00 A.M.). [The Sikhs call this peek spiritual time of the morning “Amrit Veela”, the Hour of Elixir.] Likewise one should meditate at mid-morning and then again in the evening time. While falling asleep, one should also engage his or her mind in meditation.”

— Maharshi Mehi, Philosophy of Liberation

Sant Mat Entry About Maharshi Mehi at Wikipedia

Maharshi Mehi Paramhans (28.4.1885 – 08.06.1986) is regarded among the greatest Sants in the illustrious tradition of Sant Mat. The tradition of Santmat in modern times was exquisitely served and enriched in a completely unique way by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj. Maharshi Mehi was a direct disciple of Baba Devi Sahab of Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India who had special blessings of Sant Tulsi Sahab. Born on the April 28, 1885 in a village of the state of Bihar, India:

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