The Purpose of Life: With Swarmiji there is no such thing as idle chatter; he talks of the impermanence of the body and the purpose of life – attaining spiritual enlightenment to avoid samsara (endless rebirth). He reminds me that when I die nothing will go with me; I will have to leave everything behind, except the accumulated spiritual wealth of my personal sadhana [meditation practice].

(from the article, Meeting an Enlightened Master, Rishikesh, Sanctuary of Sadhus, Sages and the Occasional Enlightened Master)

Consistent Daily Practice: According to Swami Satyananda Saraswati, even a day’s break in one’s meditation practice lessens the accumulated benefits, as the everyday impressions which gather in the chitta (memory), will be more difficult to go beyond. An irregular sadhaka (practicing yogi) either sleeps in meditation or is lost in his samskaras (impressions). “A regular sadhaka is able to overcome sleep and dream states, and experiences are seen on the subtle planes.” (from the article, Meeting an Enlightened Master, Rishikesh, Sanctuary of Sadhus, Sages and the Occasional Enlightened Master)

In conversation with Swarmiji, he suddenly bursts out enthusiastically with “Brahmamuhurta!” This, I learn, is the time between 3.00 AM and 6.00 AM known as the most favorable time for Sadhana (one’s spiritual practices). During Brahmamuhurta, so called as it is considered the most auspicious time for meditating on Brahman (God), the mind is calm and less engaged with worldly thoughts, worries and anxieties. Also the atmospheric energy during this time is more charged with sattva (purity), increasing the likelihood one’s practice will go deeper, with the corresponding health and well-being benefits.

(from the article, Meeting an Enlightened Master, Rishikesh, Sanctuary of Sadhus, Sages and the Occasional Enlightened Master)

The very fruit of this human life is to serve the lotus-feet of the Satguru,
Sleeping consumes most of the time in this world for ages,
Satguru has kindly awakened us, O brothers!
Nothing was visible to the blind eyes and so one lay unconscious and blind;
Guru kindly gave the secrets and the vision was restored and the mind woke up from its deep slumber,
With the coming of Light, the darkness vanished altogether,
Consequently it made one immensely happy,
One cannot repay the price of Guru’s grace,
His grace eliminates the cycle of birth and death and eighty-four lakh species of wombs.
Great praises to Satguru, Baba Devi Sahib,
Who delivered us from this chain,
Mehi says that no one has so bountifully revealed such secrets.

(Padavali of Maharshi Mehi)

O traveler! Seek the path that lies within you,
You and your Beloved are in the same body;
Your Beloved is pervading everywhere, but not being perceived,
Those initiated by the Guru are able to recognize Him within their bodies,
 O traveler! If you wish to go alone on the path of the Lord,
You look for the path within and do not delay;
The four spheres of darkness, Light, Sound and Soundlessness –
They all lie within the fort of your body,
You stepped down to the darkness, but your Beloved is in the sphere of
Now you again go back to the sphere of Soundlessness through the tenth door,
 Pursuing the inner Light and practicing the Yoga of Sound,
Listen to the orchestration of Sounds and closely watch the dazzling Light,
And go along the path where the five Naubats resonate,
Mount up as you get drawn towards them;
Never think that there are other means of going to the sphere of
Without the Yoga of Vision and the Yoga of Sound.
Mehi says, that going along this lone path,
Is the secret path to divinity, as shown by the Saints,
Catching the most subtle one amidst the different Sounds,
Go along the solitary path, lying within your body.

(Padavali of Maharshi Mehi)

The Glittering Point between the two eyebrows [third eye center] is visible,

Dear ones! Closing your eyelids, try to see,
Let the two currents of Light converge at the Central Point of the eyebrows,
Fix your gaze and cross your bodily sphere and enter the egg of the universe;
The inner Sky, studded with Stars, looks so wonderful,
Light, like the earthen lamp, is visible that eliminates the darkness of the closed eyes,
The incomparable Moonlight, unique in itself is spread in all corners;
And the Light of the young Sun also radiates beautifully,
Surat [soul], with its spiritual vision, catches the multiple Sounds without being impaired,
O individual souls! Catching these Sounds with Surat-like rope,
Walk along the final abode, which is the Real Home;
Mehi has revealed this mystery, the Quintessential One,
One, who serves Guru without any guile, has no difficulty in reaching the Real Home.

Without gazing downward, upward, leftward, rightward or backward,
Look ahead, closing both your eyes and joining the two currents exactly in the middle of the two eyes [third eye],
Immersing yourself in the blaze of the Shining Star and watching the scenes of the Sphere of Light,
Fly in the inner firmament like a bird, and perching there on the Luminous Point,
Catch the Quintessential Sound among the multiple sounds and glide like a fish,
O mind! Flying like the bird and swimming like the fish,
Your mind is absorbed in its own sphere,
Surat alone mounts on the Egg of Brahma,
Finally, catching the Ceaseless Primal Sound, Surat [the soul] listens to it,
The Sound of Creation enrapturing is so very intense,
Mehi says, with the help of the Central Sound (Naad) in the lower sphere,
Catch the Central Sounds of the higher spheres and finally grip the Quintessential One,
Thus grasping the Sound, that is, the Quintessential One, cross this sea-like world.

In front of the nose and the centre of the two eyes is located the tenth door [third eye],
The Lighted Point appears to be glittering there;
Fixing your gaze at that Point, eliminate the capriciousness of the mind,
Saints have said this to be the real path of peace.

My eyes got fixed at the central Point between the two eyebrows,
They do not glance sideways and are fixed at the Point in front;
The Light of Brahma appears within and darkness of the night vanishes,
The Sun, with its extraordinary rays, ascends with so many sparkles,
Consciousness finally gets immersed in the Quintessential Word,
Baba Sahib tells Mehi to remain absorbed day and night in such applications.

[Maharishi Mehi’s Teacher/Sant Satguru was Baba Devi Sahib.]

Surat [soul], going to glimpse the Absolute, concentrates through its gaze at the tenth door [third eye],
Watching the Luminous Point, the Pole Star, the Moon and the Sun,
Surat [the soul] hears different multiple sweet tunes of the five spheres;
Mehi says, this is the quintessence of Sant Mat [teachings of the Masters];
And he has only repeated the words of the saints,
He has understood and got some of them fully tested,
They are so very true and are of great benefit to all.

(Padavali of Maharishi Mehi)

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