The Supreme Lord is sporting,
He grants liberation, the Indweller.
He crosses and guides one over the Ocean of Rebirth.
Wealth, perfection and liberation are always found in his court.

Hymn of Sant Dadu Dayal (Saint Dadu the Compassionate)

“You have spoken correctly”, said Dadu,
and he [Dadu Dayal] gave a complete explanation
to the Sheikh and the King:

“He has no name [Nameless, Anami];
call Him sahib, it makes you no wiser.
For our own satisfaction we give Him names,
according to the qualities we discover in Him.

Because He shows mercy, we call Him Dayal,
because He protects creatures, we call Him Gopal,
because He dwells in every heart, we call Him Ram,
because He is compassionate, we call Him Rahim.

Because He cannot be grasped, we call Him Allah,
because He cannot be described, we call Him Alakh,
because He created every thing, we call him Sirjanhar,
because He is without end, we call Him Apar.”

— Sant Dadu Dayal (Svamiji), and Jan Gopal
The Janma Lila (Life Story of Dadu Dayal) by Jan Gopal,
also known as: “The Hindi Biography of Dadu Dayal”,
Translated by Winand M. Callewaert,
Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi  


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