Light and Sound on the Path — Sant Mat Satsang E Newsletter/Blog/Digest: links to: a new Sant Mat Podcast; Bhajan (Hymn) at Youtube of Tulsi Sahib; a Youtube video about Tulsi Sahib, Saint of Hathras and certain guru-lineages; online map of Hathras at the Gate; Article: Who Was Tulsi Sahib’s Guru? PDF File of Tulsi Sahib writings in English; Quotes from: Ravidas, Dalai Lama, Quran, Khalil Gibran, Kirpal Singh, Sant Sevi Ji; passages from Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, the great grandfather/modern-day founding father or Adi Guru of Sant Mat lineages; Shyama, disciple of Tulsi Sahib; Maharshi Mehi, “God is Like a Black Hole or Gravitational Singularity”, and, “The Teachings of Sant Dariya of Bihar”, A Good Introduction to Sant Mat from the Sant Dariya Mission Website.

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