God is Like a Black Hole

Maharishi Mehi in his spiritual discourse, The Philosophy of Liberation, states that “the individual self, the part of God which dwells in the body, is concealed. Direct knowledge is not experienced because of the concealments of the four Realms of Qualified Lower Nature: Gross [Physical], Subtle [Astral], Causal [Akashic] and Supra-Causal [Universal Mind].”

“The realm of creation in which we live is the Gross Realm. Above the Gross is the Subtle Realm; above the Subtle is the Causal; above the Causal is the Supra-Causal, and above the Supra-Causal is Kaivalya, the realm of Oneness (Pure Conscious Realm). The existence of these four realms is as fixed as the Pole star. Thus, there are five spheres of creation including the Gross Realm. Kaivalya is of Pure Consciousness and the other four realms are Non-Conscious, but coexisting with the conscious.” (Philosophy of Liberation) 

Note: the top part of Kaivalya in some systems of Indian cosmology is called “Nirvana”, “Radhaswami”, “Anami” or “Anadi”. Maharishi Mehi called it “The Soundless State”, a State beyond Light and Sound, a heaven beyond the other heavens.

God is described as being Formless (Nirguna), Nameless (Anami), Soundless (Anadi), Unknowable (Agochar), Invisible (Alakh), and Inaccessible (Agam), unfathomable, hidden or veiled by divine Light and Sound.  

The above reminds me of the description by astronomers of black holes in the cosmos, which are invisible but indirectly seen all-the-same as they are a kind of “donut hole” surrounded by luminous matter of swirling atoms smashing together, which give off immense light as this matter falls into the gravity well, just before slipping out of the normal space-time of the regular universe. Looking for the halos of light astronomers are able to sometimes indirectly see these invisible black holes. By the light surrounding black holes one sees black holes. So too, mystics can see the Light that veils the Supreme Being. “By the Light of Allah, I see Allah.” (Quran)


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