The Teachings of Sant Dariya of Bihar

Sat Purush [True, Eternal, Original Being, God] sends His sons to the world to save the living beings from the clutches of Kal [time, illusion]. Sant Dariya Saheb came to this world under the instructions of the Lord to save Jivas [souls]. Sat Purush came to Dharkandha (a village in Bihar, India [in the form of Dariya’s Satguru]) to instruct Dariya Saheb. The Lord enthroned Sant Dariya and assured him to save the souls that followed his teachings.

The Sant preached ahimsa (non-violence in thought, word, and deed) against all living beings. According to him, unless the lamp of kindness and compassion is lit, the soul cannot find the Path that leads to the Lord.

The teachings of Dariya Saheb are above sects, castes and religions. People belonging to any race, religion and caste can be benefited from His teaching. According to the Saint, all the men and women are the creation of the Sat Purush. One should love and respect others as one expects love and respect from others. Harsh words should not be spoken. One should see his own image in others. The Sant preached love and devotion to the Sat Purush only. According to him no purpose is served by visiting places of pilgrimage if true devotion to the Lord is missing. The Sant preached against ritualism. The human body has all the sixty eight tirthas (places of pilgrimage). It is the true mandir/masjid [temple] in which the Lord can be discovered and worshipped.

Sat Purush is unborn, eternal, all-powerful, the creator of everything. He does not take birth and meet death. He is beyond description.

The Jiva [soul] is the resident of Satlok [True, Eternal Spiritual Realm]. It has got entangled into the snare of Kal [lord of time and illusion] and is wandering in samsara (the world of changes) in different forms.

Sat Purush sends Satgurus to the samsara (world) to teach the misguided souls (Jivas). Only the Satguru knows the Path that liberates Jivas from the snares of Kal. The Jiva, by following the teachings of the Satguru, gets liberated and goes to his permanent abode, that is: Satlok.

Devotion to Sat Purush alone can free the souls from the clutches of Kal. Worship to poly-gods, ghosts and other celetial objects have been discouraged by the Saints/Sants/Sant Mat.

Observance of rituals and wandering in places of pilgrimage without true devotion to the Lord serves no purpose.

One should take vegetarian food only. The eating of meat is completely prohibited in his order.

The Sant has advocated two paths only for attainment of Nirvana:
 1) The Path of Knowledge [Inner Experience], and,
2) The Path of Bhakti (Devotion)

Human birth is most precious and it should not be lost in mere satisfaction of sensuous pleasures, accumulation of wealth and wielding power. Human birth should be utilised for the realization of Pad-Nirvan (God). If this opportunity is lost, none can say when one would be fortunate to get human birth again. Getting human birth is rare.

One does not become high or low from his origion of birth. By acquiring virtues and doing good deeds only, one becomes high.

Like all other Saints of the Nirguna School [Devotion to the Formless God], Dariya Saheb discarded Avatarbad (Incarnation theory). He did not believe in the theory of Divine creation of four classes of people as Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra.

Jiva and Brahma are two different entities. The Jiva takes different forms (Rupas) in Samsara, whereas Brahma is beyond Samsara. Brahma is one while Jivas are many. The Jiva gets tainted by loads of deeds and reaps the fruits of his actions. Brahma is nirlep (beyond getting tainted).

The Teachings of Sant Dariya Sahib could be summarized as these three:
1. Right Gahani (Understanding)
2. Right Rahani (Living)
3. Simran (Mindfulness, Remembrance, Meditation)

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