The Supreme Being: A Vast Homogeneous Ocean of Pure Spirit
by Myron Phelps:

The Supreme Father is a vast homogeneous ocean of pure spirit. He is perfect, sufficient in Himself to Himself, in an ecstatic state of love and bliss. Before creation He alone was conscious. There was none but He to see and none but Him to be seen. There was only the Lord immersed in His own rapturous bliss.

His primary characteristic was love; not, however, for any other being, for there was no other. All was directed inwards, towards Himself. Love was the essence of His nature, ever active and not requiring any object for its expression. He was nothing but a vast reservoir of love and bliss. That limitless reservoir of love which alone was in existence, with none to adore or exchange love with Him was an ocean of absolute bliss (‘anand’).

Some notion of that condition may be had by thinking of one’s self as so absorbed in an object of love that all thought of self is forgotten. You forget yourself and your body, you have no consciousness except of the beloved object. In contemplating that form you forget yourself in rapturous ecstasy. Suppose that at the culmination of that ecstasy the form disappears and you remain with no conception or knowledge of anything save ‘anand’ or bliss.

Nothing which exists is without love. An entity can be conscious only of what is of its own essence. This is as true of the Lord as of the minor entities. So, if anything were existent without love, the Lord could not be conscious of it.

As love in its highest and best sense is the source of the greatest happiness known to us, so the perfection of love, which characterized the Supreme Father was accompanied by the highest ecstasy of bliss.

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