Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast: A History of Mystics, East and West: Charts of the Heavens — Maps of Inner Space: Quite amazing actually that there is a general consensus about the different planes on the part of those who practice advanced meditation today, and during previous generations. And not only in Sant Mat. The other day I was reading a Sufi book which presented the same basic understanding of the inner regions, suggesting that some Sufi mystics have experienced the same inner regions also. There is a consensus universally in Sant Mat about the Light, the Sound practice, and the Inner Regions — what experiences will be encountered along the way in meditation: stars, moons, suns, dark voids, tunnels/the whirlpool cave, bright light, etc…. References to the Inner Regions turn up everywhere, even in the teachings of Saints who lived several centuries ago in different parts of India. There are references to Trikuti, Maha Sun, Bhanwar Gufa, etc…..in the bhajans of Mirabai, Dariya Sahib of Bihar, Tulsi Das, Ravidas, Tukarama, and countless others. “All mystics speak the same language for they come from the same country.” (Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin). Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3 and Hear This Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio [via HealthyLife.Net — The Positive Talk Radio Network]: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Sep2011/SPA092011_wma.mp3 


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