O Surat [soul]! Be dyed in the colour of Naam and
ascend to higher regions. The whole world is asleep.
You awake.

Your lot will be wonderfully brightened; you will hear
the melody of Anhad Shabd.

O my dear! you will attain true renunciation (detachment)
from the world; and develop great love (attachment)
for Dhun (Sound).

Ascend to Gagan (sky, heaven), peep through and
enter the latticed screen and see Shyam Sunder
(dark and beautiful), i.e., the third eye.

Then behold the dazzling flame. Subdue pride, egotism
and attachment.

All impurities will disappear, when Surat contacts and
merges in Shabd.

Behold the Lotus of Trikuti, and hear the Sound of

— Soami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry


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