“The great Sufi Master Bayazid established supremacy of love by saying that ‘the Almighty can be approached only through love.’ The love for the beloved reveals his secrets in the heart of the lover and conversely the knowledge of the beloved produces in his heart the love for the beloved. He also said that ‘love for the friends of Allah results in their love for you. The Almighty looks at the hearts of His saints and if He will see your name engraved in their hearts, He will forgive you.’ It is for this reason that the Sufis love their Master the most. Their love for the Master lifts them to a state of bliss and presence in the heart of their beloved.

In regard to supremacy of love, the great Sufi Master Mahatma Ramchandra ji has also said that ‘love is such a thing which can cross the limits of the Seven Skies.’ His dear disciple Param Sant Thakur Ram Singh ji also used to say, ‘Love is all encompassing. The Almighty can be realized only through love. The illiterate Gopis had won the love of Lord Sri Krishna only due to their unfettered love.’ The true love brings in enlightenment. In fact there is no difference between Love and Enlightenment. Love is God and the purpose of acquiring knowledge is to know God. Love is the culmination of knowledge and the height of enlightenment.

The true meaning of love thus is ‘Ek-atmata’ (oneness) i.e. complete merger with the beloved and cessation of the duality. There is no scope in love for the separate existence of the lover and the beloved. As soon as the feeling of duality between the Master and the disciple vanishes, one starts seeing His manifestation everywhere in the entire universe. Selfless love gradually turns into devotion, which makes one identical to one’s beloved. The disciple (the lover), however, is imperfect, and, therefore, it is the Master (the beloved), who being perfect, merges with the disciple and takes him on the path of love. The couplet below expresses this idea beautifully in these words:

‘Jab mein tha tab Hari nahi, ab Hari hai mein nay
Prem gali ati saankri, ya mein do na samay’
(Till I existed, God was not there. Now only He
exists and I am not there. The path of love is
so narrow that it has no place for the two.)

(R.K. Gupta, The Science and Philosophy of Spirituality)


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