“The Srimadbhagwat Gita in chapter 2 ‘Sankhya Yoga’ mentions about the soul that it is unmanifest, immutable, inconceivable and eternal. Weapons cannot cleave the soul; fire cannot burn it; water cannot wet it nor can the air dry it. The soul is unbreakable, insoluble, all pervading, unchanging and immovable. The great philosopher Socrates was asked by Crito ‘in what manner should he be buried?’ It is said that Socrates had replied: ‘In any manner you like, but first you must catch me, the real me. You can bury only my body and not the real me.’ Being the irradiation of the all-shining luminous Sat Purush, the soul is also luminous.” (R.K. Gupta, The Science and Philosophy of Spirituality)


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