Sayings of Baba Devi Sahib on Love (Bhakti)

“God and bhakti are otherwise one and the same thing”.

“In short, bhakti is such a thing without which no worldly or heavenly acts can be accomplished. He alone is a human being (in the true sense) who knows the key to or secret of bhakti. He whose heart is devoid of the spirit of love is not even as good as an animal; he is rather much more inferior to that”.

“Bhakti is that essential substance without which any work, either of this world or of the other world, can not be fulfilled; for all such tasks which a man performs with genuine zeal get accomplished well, and all other works in which we do not feel sincerely involved remain incomplete or are only half done”.

“What is most significant about bhakti is that is opens up inside man the easy pathway to God, treading on which man reaches his centre or destination from where he never (needs to) return”.

“Our Lord resides in all (of us). He, our Lord, is so wonderful that though He pervades everything, (yet) He is separate from and transcends everything. It is not possible to see Him (in His true form) without meeting, and learning the secrets from, (the accomplished) Guru. He is blessed and adorable within whose body He reveals Himself.”


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