“The word ‘Consciousness’ means conscious and aware. As per the Hindi dictionary, four different meanings of the word ‘Consciousness’ are: intelligence, tendency of the mind, awareness, and memory. It is clear that the word ‘conscious’ is used to denote intelligence, tendency related to knowledge, tendency related to memory, and awareness. Consciousness is that element in human beings which differentiates them from other inanimate objects. Consciousness basically refers to that power which helps one in understanding and evaluating one’s surroundings and environment. By the terms ‘Spiritual Consciousness’ is meant the relationship between individual Spirit and God. The human body is endowed with the divine spark in the form of spirit. The aim of human life is to recognize that divine element present within and reach the heavenly abode.” (Abstract of a Paper by Prem Kali Sharma, Professor Emeritus, Del, Agra, International Seminar on Religion of Saints — Spircon 2010)


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