Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World – Lecture at Fora TV

Long Shorts: ‘The Sky in Motion’


Discovering Other Ways of Living Through Travel

Biology, Anthropology, and the ‘Ethnosphere’

The Extinction of Languages

Deconstructing the Myth of ‘Progress’

The Prowess of Polynesian Wayfarers

Native Knowledge of the Amazon

Huaorani Knowledge of Plants

Evidence of Great Amazonian Civilizations

Current Civilizations in the Amazon

How Landscape Influences Culture

Andean Rituals

Deconstructing Machu Picchu

The Rituals of the ‘Elder Brother’ Tribes

Going on an Arhuaco Pilgrimage

Studying Voodoo Rituals in Haiti

The End of Nomadic Life in Borneo

Protecting the Sacred Headwaters

The Aboriginal Way of Life

Meeting a Bodhisattva

The Importance of Preserving Diverse Cultures

The Resilience of the Inuit

Ancient Cultures and Global Warming

How Ancient Cultures Survive in Remote Locations

The Relationship Between Ancient Cultures and Modern Civilization

Reasons for Optimism

Thoughts on Copenhagen

Ancient Cultures and Climate Change

Getting Integrated into a Culture

How Urbanization Affects Ancient Cultures

The Need for Action

The Importance of Preserving Languages


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