Stilling the Thoughts of the Mind By Meditating On the Inner Sound

With Nada Dhyana [meditation on the Inner Sound] the mind gets completely dissolved. As a result of its dissolution, the mind forgets about the sensory objects, as has been depicted in the Nadabindu Upanishad:

“Just as the honey bee, while sipping the nectar of flowers cares not for their fragrance…The mind that is ever connected to the Divine Sound longs no more for any sensory objects. For it has come under the spell of the Divine Melody and has forsaken its fickle nature for good.”

The Upanishad has compared the mind to the poisonous cobra. The venomous cobra is capable of killing several persons with its deadly poison, but the snake charmer renders it non-poisonous by uprooting its venom teeth, and thus the snake’s power of lethal bite is destroyed. Similarly, as a practitioner progresses in the Yoga of Sound, his extremely lustful or covetous mind forgets all the objects and never again yearns for them, as is stated in the following lines of the Nadabindu Upanishad:

“The serpent-mind practicing Nada dhyana (Yoga of Sound) perseveringly gets completely lost in it and concentrates itself solely on the Nada (Divine Sound), forgetting all other objects around it.” 

— Swami Achyutanand Baba, Yoga of Inner Light and Sound:


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