O nightingale! Recognize the flower garden, where a
great variety of flowers are blossoming. (1)

Come along and live in close association with Guru.
Go on elevating your mind and Surat. (2)

Collect your diffused spirituality and be whole-heartedly
attentive. You will gradually merge in Jyoti [Light]. (3)

Remove the two slabs or curtains, and behold the
Thousand-petalled Lotus of Sahas-dal-kanwal. (4)

Peep into the creation there, then dwell freely and
openly. Pass over the bridge and get across. (5)

There, whiffs of sweet fragrance of sandal are enjoyed,
and Surat and mind are cleansed of impurities. (6)

The obstacles created by Kal will disappear, and (7)
then, your Surat will apply itself wholeheartedly to 

Extricated from the mire of Karma, you will proceed 
on and meet Radhasoami [Lord of the Soul]. (8)

— Swami Ji Maharaj, Bachan 20 — Shabd 23, 
Sar Bachan Poetry, Volume One


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