I Belong to the Soul of the Beloved

What can be done, 0 believers, as I don’t recognize myself?
I’m neither a Christian nor Jew, Magian nor Moslem.

I’m not of the East or West, neither land nor sea;
I’m not of Nature’s mine, nor the stars in Heaven.

I’m not of earth, water, air or fire;
I’m not of Heaven, nor the dust on this carpet.

I’m not of India, China, Bulgaria nor Saqsin;
I’m not of the kingdom of Iraq, nor Khorasan.

I’m not of this world, nor the next, Paradise nor Hell;
I’m not of Adam, nor Eve, Eden nor Rizwan.

My place is in the Placeless, my trace in the Traceless;
I’m neither body nor soul, as I belong to the soul of the Beloved.

I have dispensed with duality, and seen the two worlds as One;
One I seek, One I know, One I see, One I call.

He is the first, last, the outward and the inward,
I know none other than He, and He Who Is.

Love’s cup intoxicated me as two worlds slip from my hands.
My only business now is carousing and revelry.

If once in my life I spent a moment without you,
From that moment on I repent my whole life.

If once in this world I win a moment with you,
Both worlds I’d trample under a dance of triumph.

0 Shems of Tabriz, in this world I’m so drunk – now
Only stories of drunkenness and revelry pass my lips.

Rumi’s Divan of Shems of Tabriz
A New Interpretation,
By James Cowan,
Element Books


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