“Regularity, earnestness and accuracy coupled with inner longing and yearnings are the helping factors, which bring one closer to the Master within.” (Spiritual Elixir, 154)

“To go within is the most important part of the sacred teachings, and this can be achieved only through the grace of the Master, which in turn is hastened by one’s living a life of love, service and meditation. Thus they are linked and co-related to each other.” (Spiritual Elixir, 183)

“Proficiency demands persistent and earnest efforts. Time factor is also necessary. Each bit laid for the spiritual edifice counts creditable for your inner journey.” (Spiritual Elixir, 188)

“The Masters say that two things are essential for success on the spiritual path: first a genuine urge, a passion for it; and second, regular practice. If either one of these is lacking, our efforts will not be fruitful.” (Sant Kirpal Singh)

“Be regular and lovingly devoted to your holy meditations, as that is the central pivot around which the whole sacred teaching revolves and therein an all around development of the soul is granted.” (Spiritual Elixir, 140)

“Once you discover this Light and learn to live by it, your whole existence will be changed. Love will permeate your very being and it will burst forth from the very pores of your body, transmuting all dross into sterling gold.” (Spiritual Elixir, 189)

“To have inner experiences of Godly Light and Sound is no small thing and really only the fortunate few blessed from above receive them.” (Spiritual Elixir, 225)

Kirpal Singh
Meditation Instructions to Initiates


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