Meditation Upon the Soundless Sound – Surat Shabd Yoga

Meditation Upon the Soundless Sound – Surat Shabd Yoga

On the Anahat or Unstruck Melody

The perceiver of this Primal Word gains access into Sach Khand (the Realm of Pure Consciousness or Primeval Sound) and does not have to come again into this mortal world [does not have to reincarnate]. When single-pointedness has been attained by diligent practice of Drishti yoga [Inner Sight, Inner Light Meditation] learnt from an accomplished Guru, a large variety of Sounds are heard within.

However, this calls for intent, concentrated listening during meditation practice, keeping eyes, ears, and mouth all quiet. One Sound that is heard leads to another Sound, which, in turn, takes one ahead to yet another Sound.

Thus, getting hold of several Sounds, one after another, one finally gets hold of the most captivating Quintessential Primordial Sound.

And, as even this Unstruck Melody is transcended, the Highest State, the Nameless [Anami], the Soundless State [Anadi, Pure or True State of God] is attained.

— Maharshi Mehi Paramhans, quoted in, Yoga of Inner Light and Sound, by Swami Achutanand, Translated into English by Pravesh K. Singh

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