Going Beyond the Universe

“God is perceivable only through the soul. But our individual soul has become surrounded or covered by several sheaths or subtle bodies [astral, causal, etc…]. So long as it remains in the captivity of these various subtle bodies and the physical body, it will be under the knowledge of these bodies and organs only, will be under illusory knowledge only, and will not be able to realize God. In order to know Him, the Jiva-atma or the individual soul shall have to liberate itself from these bondage’s. The one who is able to liberate himself from the body and subtle bodies, is able to lift himself beyond the universe, also.” (Param Poojya Shahi Swami Ji Maharaj – also pictured in the photo)


Here, Shahi Swami speaks of the practice of Inner Light and Sound Meditation (Surat Shabd Yoga), and how it’s possible during meditation to transcend the physical body (rise above body-consciousness), transcend the astral subtle body, transcend the causal or akashic subtle body, ascend beyond the mental subtle body, and the etheric subtle body. All that remains is one’s true naked identity: atman, self or soul. After stripping off the garments of the outer worlds, the soul exclaims, “I Am That! I Am That!” In this sense, the soul has ascended beyond all the universes of space-time and experiences something of the Timeless State (Akal) or True Eternal Realm (Sat Lok). – James, Sant Mat @ http://SantMat.Tumblr.com


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